Psych Mod 16

  1. Accommodation
    eye lens changes shapes to focus near or far
  2. Parallel Processing
    Processing of many aspects of a problem simultaneously
  3. Figure-ground
    the organization of the visual field into objects that stand out from their surroundings

    • Objects- figures
    • Ground- surroundings

    • concert- lead singer is the figure and players are the ground
    • party- voices, the one you hear or listen to is the figure, all others are part of the ground
  4. Gestalt Principles 
    (examples of each)
    • Proximity-group nearby figures together
    • Continuity-perceive continuous patterns rather than discontinued ones
    • Closure-fill in gaps to create a complete, whole object
  5. Binocular cues
    (example of retinal disparity)
    • depth cues that depend on the use of two eyes
    • (retinal disparity)

    ie.two index fingers in front of your eyes, they receive quite different views
  6. Ability we have because we can see in 3D
    • ability for left eye to see only left camera images
    • and 
    • ability for right eye to see only the right camera image
  7. Monocular Cues
    (examples of each)
    • depth cues available to either eye separately
    • (such as interposition and linear perspective)
    • ie. 
    • Relative Height:perceive objects higher as farther away
    • Relative Motion:When we move, objects that are stable may appear to move
    • Relative Size:assume two objects are similar in size
    • Linear Perspective:parallel lines appear to meet the in the distance
    • Interposition(overlap): if one object partially blocks our view of another, we perceive it as closer
    • Light and Shadow:shading produces a sense of depth consistent with our assumption that light comes from above
  8. Perceptual Constancies 
    (Shape, Size, Color)
    • Perceiving Objects as unchanging
    • (Objects having consistent shape, size or color)
  9. How we perceive the increase in the size of an object on the retina
    We perceive objects as constant even while our retinas receive changing images of them
  10. Perceptual Adaptation
    ability to adjust to an artificially displaced or inverted visual field
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