Chapter 1 Quiz

  1. The phrase "bundle of legal rights" is properly included in:
    A legal description
  2. The right to control one's property does not include...
    The right to exclude the utilites meter reader
  3. According to the law, a trade fixture is
  4. A couple is interested in a house that fits most of their needs, but is it is located in a busy downtown area  where they are not sure they want to live.  The couple's concern about the property is called
    Area preference
  5. The word improvement does not refer to...
    Trade fixtures
  6. Real property can become personal property by:
  7. The term land does not refer to
  8. Which of the following is considered personal property?
    Patio Furniture
  9. Land is considered...
  10. A rancher owns a parcel of land on which oil was discovered.  If the rancer has not previously conveyed the oil rights, who owns the oil?
    The Rancher
  11. Certain items on the premises that were installed by the tenant are related to the tenent's business are called:
    Trade fixtures
  12. Personal property dies not include
  13. Fixtures are
    Real Property
  14. After the construction of a building over a railroad right of way, the trains can
    Operate as usual
  15. Economic Characteristics of Land does not refer to
  16. Generally, personal property can be distinquised from real property by its
  17. A landlord leases space to a tenant for a restaurant. The tenant installs ovens, booths, counters and other equipment.  When do these programs become real property?
    When the lease expires
  18. The geographic location of any parcel if land can
    Never be changed
  19. Tests for determing a fixture does not include
    the size of the item
  20. The owner of a house wants to fence the yard for her dog,  When the fences  is errected, the fencing material are converted to real estate by
  21. The physical characteristics of land include which of the following
  22. The rights of ownership of real property do not include
  23. The following has the gratest impact on the value of a property
    Area preference
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Chapter 1 Quiz
Chapter 1 Quiz