1. What effect does Trileptal have on sodium?

    D) Decreases
  2. Which of the following is a prodrug?

    D) Eslicarbazepine
  3. What is an adverse effect of Lamictal?

    C) Skin Rash
  4. Which of the following is highly protein bound?

    A) Gabitril
  5. What monitoring parameter is associated with carbamazepine?

    C) LFT
  6. Which of the following agents is not ideal to use in pregnancy?

    A) Tegretol
  7. If a patient is allergic to sulfa, which medication should they also avoid?

    C) Zonisamide
  8. What property correctly describes carbamazepine?

    B) Autoinducer
  9. Which of the following is only indicated for absence seizures?

    A) Zarontin
  10. Which antiepileptic is associated with significant vision loss?

    D) Ezogabine
  11. Which antiepileptic has a BBW for an increased risk of aplastic anemia?

    A) Felbamate
  12. What is the generic name of Vimpat?

    C) Lacosamide
  13. Which of the following is not commonly monitored in a patient taking valproic acid?

    D) NaHCO3
  14. What is first line therapy in a patient being treated for status epilepticus?

    C) Ativan
  15. If the starting dose of Lamictal is 25 mg QD, what is the starting dose when a patient is also on Tegretol?

    D) 50 mg daily
  16. What is the therapeutic concentration (mcg/mL) of phenytoin?

    A) 10-20
  17. Which drug may increase urinary retention within the first 6 months of use?

    D) Ezogabine
  18. Which of the following is not a type of generalized seizure?

    A) Simple Partial
  19. What is true of carbamazepine?

    D) It is contraindicated in patients with bone marrow suppression
  20. What is the brand name of phenytoin?

    D) Dilantin
  21. How do you switch a patient from Depakote IR to XR?

    B) Increase the dose by 8-20%
  22. Which of the following is a controlled substance?

    C) Lyrica
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