1. Ten minutes into a hand-he;d nebulizer treatment given to deliver albuterol, the pt c/o dizziness and tingling fingers. What should be done?

    D) tell the pt to breathe more slowly
  2. A pt is being given a BD med by SVN powered by 5 lpm of O2. While watching the pt breathe, the RT notices that duing each inspiration, the mist disappears from the downstream end of the SVN. What should be recommended?

    C) add 10 ml of aerosol tubing as a reservoir
  3. A 3 YO pt with asthma is about to be d/c'd and needs to take an inhaled BD med at home. What device should be recommended?

    B) MDI w/ VHC
  4. An order has arrived to perform an induced sputum procedure on a pt suspected of having TB. What should be the first choice to nebulize for the pt?

    B) 7% saline
  5. What breathing pattern should be recommended for an aerosolized med to be deposited primarily in the larger airways?

    C) inhale a Vt, inhale at a normal speed, breathe in a normal pattern
  6. A physician calls an RT to evaluate a 40 YO pt w/ bronchitis and to make a recommendation for an aerosol delivery system. The pt's breath sounds indicate the presence of large airway secretions. Despite a good cough effort, the pt has difficulty in raising them. What should be recommended?

    D) start a continuous USN to an aerosol mask
  7. A pt's humidity deficit is going to be the smallest under which of the following conditions?

    D) breathing in 40% O2 at 95 degrees through a passover type humidifier to an aerosol mask
  8. A USN would be recommended for aerosol rx for the following reason:

    C) it delivers a uniform aerosol droplet of about 3 micrometers in diameter
  9. A pt has an ETT. Which of the following devices would be the least effective in reducing this pt's humidity deficit?

    C) unheated bubble type himidifier
  10. An adult pt with chronic bronchitis has a normal temp. To fully saturate the inhaled air, how much AH must be provided by the humidifier?

    C) 44 mg/L
  11. A pt's heated humidifier unit has a water reservoir temp of 40 degrees. The humidified gas is travelling through large bore tubing to the pt. Which of the following statements are true?

    C) condensation with occur & the gas will remain saturated
  12. The pop-off valve is whistling on a pt's bubble humidifier to a 35% O2 air entrainment mask. What could be the problem?

    B) the small bore tubing is pinched
  13. A humidity or aerosol system delivering body temp gas is used in all the following situations EXCEPT:

    C) 20 MO infant with laryngotracheobronchitis
  14. A pt's SVN is not putting out as much aerosol as it was a short time ago. To correct the problem, what should be checked?

    A) make sure the fluid level is correct & make sure the jet is patent & make sure the fluid can flow up the capillary tube
  15. A pt has pneumonia and needs an inhaled antibiotic. What size particle generator should be recommended to treat the problem?

    C) 1-3 mics
  16. A USN has a flashing couplant indicator light. The RT notices that the output has decreased from what is was before. The most likely problem is:

    D) not enough water in the couplant chamber
  17. A RT notices that the water has collected at the low point of the large bore tubing of a pt's heated aerosol system. The aerosol is "puffing" out of the end of the tubing. What should be done?

    B) empty the water from the large bore tubing into a waste water jar
  18. The physician wants a pt with a trach to inhale RA that is fully saturated at body temp. The selected device must be able to meet the following criteria:

    D) deliver 100% RH & provide 47 mm Hg vapor pressure & deliver 44 mg/L AH
  19. It is best to coach a patient to breathe in the following pattern for particle deposition in smaller airways & alveoli:

    C) inhale an IC & hold the breath for up to 10 sec before exhalating & inhale at a slow speed
  20. When doing rounds, a RT notices that very little aerosol is going from an LVN to a pt's trach mask. Which of the following could be the problem?

    A) the neb is not screwed tightly into the DISS connector on the flowmeter & the neb jet is obstructed & the water level is below the refill line & the capillary tube is obstructed
  21. A 64 YO pt with a long smoking hx and a dx of chronic bronchitis has been admitted again with complaints of SOB and productive cough. Which of the following questions should be asked to gain an understanding of the pt's problem to better guide aerosol therapy?

    B) "has the volume of your secretions changed over the last week? & "ae there any meds that make your breathing easier?"
  22. A 22 YO pt with asthma has frequent business trips by airplane. What type of neb should be recommended for her liquid meds?

    C) vibrating mesh nubulizer
  23. a 40 YO female pt has been sick with the flu for 8 days and was admitted with dehydration  and pneumonia. IV fluids were started. She was given an aerosol mask with 35% O2 and continuous aerosol of NS through a USN. An hour later she reported worsening SOB. Her breath sounds revealed crackles that were not there before rx was started. What is the most likely cause?

    B) her secretions have swollen
  24. A 40 YO pt has just been intubated and started on mechanical ventilation. It is anticipated that this will be needed for at least several days. What should be the first choice for humidification?

    C) heated cascade type humidifier
  25. A 14 Yo pt with severe asthma has just been given a new med of inhaled corticosteroids by a dpi. After rapidly inhaling the meds, the pt begins to cough vigorously. Breath sounds reveal increased wheezing in all lung fields. What should be recommended?

    A) stop taking the dpi meds
  26. A pt with CHF is having an exacerbation of that condition. The physician is going to support the pt's breathing with NIV while treating aggressively. What should be recommended for her humidification?

    A) wick type humidifier
  27. Complications of bland aerosol rx include all of the following EXCEPT:

    D) increased humidity deficit
  28. An alcoholic pt has been admitted with a high fever and a productive cough. A pulmonary abscess is suspected. What sputum characteristics should be evaluated to hel assess the effectiveness of aerosol & other rx?

    C) smell, consistency &color
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