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  1. Name two muscles that may be off in connection with malfunctioning valves?
    IliacusQuadsHamstringsFascia LataPsoasQuadratus Lumborium
  2. Name two symptoms people may have with valve problems
    • Constipation, diarrhoea, back pain,shoulder pain, skin problems, TATT, migraines, nausea, etc, etc
    • See page 12 of ICV pages for full list
  3. Where do you push to correct an open ICV
    Righthand side of abdomen, between navel and hip (McBurney's points), up towards left shoulde
  4. What acupuncture point to you contact when testing for a hidden food sensitiv
    TW22 (where top of ear joins head)
  5. List three nutrients that you would think of testing for someone with loose bowel
    Bowel BuildVitamin EProB11IronOilsCharcoal (NaturesAid)Aloe VeraCapsicum Garlic &ParsleyMSM
  6. List three nutrients that you would think of testing for someone with constipation
    Psyllium HullsMagnesiumLoCloTNTOilsSlippery ElmAloe VeraProB11Healthy Starter PackBlack Walnut
  7. List five causes for malfunctioning valve
    Poor diet (processed foods, sugar, dairy, wheat, salt, etc)Insufficient fibreStressFood intolerancesDehydrationGeneral poor healthLack of exerciseMedication side effects
  8. Describe the riddlers point for HCL deficiency
    Top of costal border (bottom of rib cage)on the left, just under sternum
  9. Where does the Large Intestine meridian end
    Side of nose
  10. Where does the Small Intestine meridian begin
    Lateral (outside) edge of the little finger nail
  11. Where are the lymphatic points for the illiacus
    Front of shoulder joint (as per Superspinatus);1" above and to side of navel;Around front hipbone ASIS;
  12. Where is the Quadratus Lumborum located
    Either side of lumbar region of spine.Origin at top edge, back of pelvis.Insertion at lower edge of 12th rib, and transverse processes
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