Mod 2 Sunday

  1. Who touches when TL'ing
  2. Where does the Gall Bladder meridian begin
    Corner of the eye
  3. Where are the vascular points for the popliteus
    Diagonal line of 3 behind the knee. Upper on the outside central and Lower on the inside
  4. Apart from the injury what does injury recall improve
    Any emotional issues related to the injury
  5. How would you treat eczma
  6. If, for instance, the quads were too tight or hypertonic which cells would you work on to turn them down and by what method
    • Spindle cells
    • Push from either end of the muscle towards the center.
  7. What are the 4 conditions of a strong muscle
    • Fascial sheath twisted
    • Induced (stretched) weakness
    • Sustained weakness
    • Hidden weakness
  8. What two muscles would you test if someone had low energy
  9. What two muscles would you think of testing for someone with heel pain
    • Soleus
    • Gastrocnemeius
  10. What herbs would you think of for bloating above the belly button
  11. Which glandular/herb nutrients support the thyroid
    • Master Gland
    • Kelp and Hops
  12. Where is the NV point for the sartorius
    • Posterior fontanel¬†
    • Middle of hollow at back of head/top of spine
  13. Where does the small intestine meridian begin
    Outer nail bed of the little finger
  14. Where is the alarm point for the large intestine
    Stomach 25 to the side of the belly button
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