mod 1 saturday

  1. what meridian are the tibials connected to?
  2. what is the emotion for the spleen
    empathy - validation
  3. name two muscles on the triple warmer meridian
    • gastrocnemius
    • gracilis
    • soleus
    • infraspinatus
  4. which finger mode is pad of ring finger to pad of thumb
  5. name the meridians in the fire element
    • heart
    • small intestine
    • circ sex
    • Triple warmer
  6. which nutrient supports the Opponens pollicis longus
    • vit a
    • vit d
  7. what muscles would you test for someone with a knee injury
    hamstrings, quadricepts, sartorious, poplitus, adductors, gluteus maximus, gracilis
  8. Where are the adductors located
    Inner thigh
  9. If someone came up to you who is always catching col etc, which muscles would you test
    Lats, traps (mid and lower) Infraspinatus, Pec Minor
  10. Where is the vascular point for the triple warmer muscles
    Posterior fontanel
  11. What homework could you give a dyslexic child between treatments
    Cross crawl and lazy 8's
  12. Which nutrient supports the wet tissue of the body when it is dry
    Vitamin A
  13. What is the actual test for injury recall
    Find SIM; CL site of injury and test SIM; if weak, fix by holding ESR points and site of injury or laser pen site; client arches neck and retest SIM; if weak clear with neck rub (or neck balance if stubborn); CL site and arch neck at same time, re-test SIM, if weak client requires Injury Recall fix
  14. What are the first two things you do as a practitioner if your client starts to cry
    Ask if they are OK to continue.Reassure that its completely normal.
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