BIMM 120 CH 11

  1. What does the capsid of the T4 phage have?
    linear dsDNA genome
  2. What is the tail of the T4 phage composed of?
    Sheath and internal tube
  3. How many base pairs are in a T4 genome? Proteins?
    169kbp and 289 proteins
  4. What do the early genes of the lytic phage do?
    • They are transcribed by theĀ hostĀ RNA polymerase
    • produces DNase and DNA polymerase
  5. How are T4 genomes synthesized?
    Rolling-circle replication
  6. What do the late genes of the lytic phage do?
    • capsid
    • tail proteins
    • lysozyme to lyse cell and release mature phages
  7. Process of adsorption
    • tail fibers contact outer membrane of host
    • conformational change causes sheath to contract and inject genome
  8. What are the three pathways for T4 assembly?
    • Tail
    • Head
    • Tail fibers
  9. How are phage mutations discovered?
    • conditional lethal mutations
    • ex. temperature sensitive mutants
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