Science ASLS Volcanoes Chapter 3 6th Grade

  1. What is a volcano?
    A volcano is a weak spot in the crust where molten material, or magma comes to the surface.
  2. What is magma?
    Magma is a molten mixture of rock-forming substances, gases, and water from the mantle.
  3. What is lava?
    Lava is magma on earth's surface.
  4. What is the Ring of Fire?
    One major volcanic belt formed by the many volcanoes that rim the Pacific Ocean.
  5. Where do volcanic belts form?
    Volcanic belts form along the boundaries of earth's plates.
  6. What is an island arc?
    An island arc is when the resulting volcanoes create a string of islands.
  7. What is a hot spot?
    A hot spot is an area where material from deep within the mantle rises and melts, forming magma.
  8. How does a volcano form above a hot spot?
    A volcano forms above a hot spot when magma erupts through the crust and reaches the surface.
  9. What is an element?
    An element is a substance that cannot be broken down into other substances.
  10. What is a compound?
    A compound is a substance made of 2 or more elements that  have been chemically combined.
  11. What is a physical property?
    A physical property is any characteristic of a substance that can be observed of measured without changing the composition of the substance.
  12. What is chemical property?
    A chemical property is any property that produces a change in the composition of matter.
  13. What is viscosity?
    Viscosity is the physical property of how liquids flow.
  14. What happen when liquids have different viscositys?
    Some liquids flow easier then others.
  15. What does the viscosity of magma depend on?
    The silica content and temperature.
  16. What is silica?
    Silica is a compound made of particles of the elements oxygen and silicon.
  17. What is Pahoehoe?
    Pahoehoe is fast moving hot lava that has a low viscosity.
  18. What is aa?
    Aa is cool lava that moves slowly with a high viscosity.
  19. What is the magma chamber?
    The magma chamber is where magma collects in a pocket called a magma chamber.
  20. What is the pipe?
    The magma moves upward through a pipe, a long tube in the ground that connects the magma chamber to the earth's surface.
  21. What is a lava flow?
    A lava flow is the area covered by lava as it pours out of a vent.
  22. What is a crater?
    A crater is a bowl shaped area that may form at the top of a volcano around the central vent.
  23. What can geologists classify volcanic eruptions as?
    They classify them as quiet or loud eruptions.
  24. What is a pyroclastic flow?
    A pyroclastic flow occurs when an explosive eruption hurls out a mixture of hot gases, ash, cinders, and bombs.
  25. What is an active volcano?
    An active volcano is a volcano that is erupting or shows signs of erupting in the future.
  26. What is a dormant volcano?
    A dormant volcano is a volcano that is to awaken in the future and become active.
  27. What is an extinct volcano?
    An extinct volcano is a dead volcano, unlikely to erupt again.
  28. What is a shield volcano?
    A shield volcano is a wide gently sloping mountain.
  29. True/False A cinder cone volcano is a tall coned shaped mountain.
    False A cinder cone volcano is a volcano that may produce ash, cinders, and bombs and a cone shaped mountain.
  30. A composite volcano is 
    a. A wide gently sloping mountain
    b. a tall cone shaped mountain
    c. a type of plateau
  31. A_______ _________ is when different levels of lava can form high plateaus.
    Lava Plateau
  32. A _______ is a huge hole left by the collapse of a volcanic mountain.
  33. True/False Volcanic Necks form when magma hardens in a volcano's pipe.
  34. A ____ is magma that forces itself across rock layers.
  35. A sill is 

  36. What is a batholith?
    A boatholith is a massof rock formed when a large body of magma cools inside the crust.
  37. In _______ _________ magma a few kilometers beneath earth's surface heats underground water.
    Geothermal energy
  38. How does a hot spring form?
    A hot spring forms when groundwater is heated by a nearby body of magma or by hot rock deep underground.
  39. A geyser is:

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