Ataxic Dysarthria

  1. Ataxic Dysarthria
    • associated with cerebellar control network
    • -characteristics are most evident in prosody and articulation
    • -incoordination and reduced muscle tone produces slowness and inaccuracy in time force, range and direction or articulators.
    • -problems with motor control not with motor execution (spastic and flaccid)
    • -poor timing and controlled coordination
    • -drunk speech
  2. Cerebellar control circuit
    • -part of the IAP it has wide spread connections to many areas. 
    • -times components of movements, scales the size of movement, and coordinates the sequencing of muscle contractions for skilled motor movements.
  3. Etiologies of Ataxic
    • cerebellar cognitive affect syndrome ( CCAS) 
    • -cognitive impairments, impaired           regulation of affect (irritability, impulsivity, executive functioning etc)
    • Olivopontocerebellar Atrophy (OPCA)
    • MS-may present with Ataxic
  4. Patient perspective
    • slurred slow speech
    • worse with fatigue
    • slowing down speech improves intelligibility
    • usually no complaints about swallowing
    • complains about biting their tongue or cheek
  5. Clinical characteristics
    • -jerky halting imprecise movements
    • -difficulties with standing and walking (broad based steps truncal instability)
    • -titubation:rhythmic tremor of body or head
    • -nystagmus: rapid oscillation of eye at rest
    • -hypotonia-decreased resistance to movement
    • -terminal tremor
    • -Dysnetria- inability to control rom
    • -
  6. OME findings
    • DDK: abnormal rate, rhythm and amplitude and precision
    • -normal size strength, symmetry of jaw lips tongue and palate at rest and during sustained posture
    • -normal gag
    • -irregular AMRs and SMRs
  7. useful assessment tools
    • conversational speech
    • reading
    • DDks
    • repetition of long sentences
  8. Speech characteristics
    • imprecise artic
    • -slow rate
    • -excess loudness
    • -inconsistent errors
    • -prolonged phonemes
    • -harsh voice quality
    • - prosodic excess and equal stress: plotting of things
    • -hypotonia
  9. treatment
    • -more functional language
    • -prosody control
    • -work on coordinating respiration
    • -articulation
    • -stress and intonation work
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