Flaccid Dysarthria

  1. Flaccid Dysarthria
    • cause by injury or disease of one or more CN or spinal nerve (FCP!!)
    • -they reflect problems in the nuclei, axon and neuromuscular junction that make up the FCP
    • -muscle weakness and reduced tone
    • -Brainstem or spinal cord lesion (FCP)
  2. Clinical characteristics: (5)
    • 1. weakness
    • 2. hypotonia and reduced reflexes
    • 3. atrophy
    • 4. fasciculations and fibrillations
    • 5. rapid weakness and recovery with rest
  3. Etiologies:
    • Any process that damages the FCP
    • -ALS degenerative disease
    • -Trauma¬†
    • -vascular
    • -neuromuscular junction disease: Myasthenia gravis, botulism, all acetylcholine transmitter disruptions
    • -neoplastic
    • -muscle disease
    • -infectious diseases
    • -inflammatory
  4. Assessment of Myasthenia Gravis
    have them count until they can not anymore see if they fatigue. Then a rest and then a recovery.  Other diseases will not give you a recovery after rest.
  5. CN damage in Flaccid: CN V
    • imprecise articulation, slow rate of prosody, jaw weakness, drooling
    • -decreased oral sensation
  6. CN damage in Flaccid: CN VII
    • Artic distortions, prosody is slow
    • -affected side of face sages, food squirrelled weak buccinator muscles
    • -nasal label fold flattens
  7. CN damage in Flaccid: CN X
    breathiness, hoarseness, reduced loudness, short phrases, stridor, nasal reguritation during swallowing, weak cough, soft palate hangs lower on side of weakness
  8. CN damage in Flaccid: CN XII
    tongue weakness, shrunken, fasciculations, deviate to weak side, mildly imprecise lingual consonants, slow rate
  9. CN damage in Flaccid: IX
    reduced gag reflex, asymmetry, dysphagia
  10. Perceptual characteristics
    weakness! tongue fasciculations and atrophy, poor elevation of soft palate, weak gag reflex, weak cough or coup
  11. Speech characteristics
    • -hypernasality
    • -audible nasal emissions
    • -continuous breathiness
    • -diplophonia
    • -stridor: grunting, gasping
    • -vocal flutter
    • -short phrases
  12. management
    • consider underlying pathology but:
    • posture adjustments
    • strengthening
    • vocal adduction- cough coup
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