OME: Overview

  1. Purpose of OME
    • establish a speech diagnosis and its implication for localization and neurologic diagnosis
    • -formulating treatment recommendations
    • -description, establishing diagnostic possibilities, specifying severity
  2. OME history
    basic data, onset and course, associated deficits, patients perspectives, caregiver interview,
  3. OME interview suggestions
    • include open ended questions
    • ask important questions a few times
    • ask them to rate their speech
    • what is most important to the client
  4. OME: what to write down
    • info about size, shape, symmetry and range, tone and steadiness, speed and accuracy of orofacial movements
    • 1) at rest
    • 2) during sustained posture
    • 3)during movement
  5. OME: structures
    Face, jaw, lips, tongue, velopharynx, larynx, respiration, reflexes
  6. Assessment of Perceptual Speech characteristics: text reading
    deviant characteristics associated with each MSD. rate on severity
  7. Assessment of Perceptual Speech characteristics: vowel prolongation
    resp/phono system: look at duration and pitch, loudness, voice quality, motor impersistence
  8. Assessment of Perceptual Speech characteristics:AMR or DDK
    speed and regularity and artic precision, velo closure
  9. Assessment of Perceptual Speech characteristics: SMRs
    quickly and in proper sequence, heavy planning and programming demands
  10. Assessment of Perceptual Speech characteristics: stress test
    count or read aloud as fast as possible for 2-4 minutes, assess fatigue
  11. Assessment of Perceptual Speech characteristics: planning and programming
    look for groping, substitutions, omissions, deletions, repetitions or additions
  12. fasciculations
    • spontaneous motor discharges that are seen as brief localized twitches
    • can be benign
  13. myoclonus
    type of fasciculation. is a really fast movement of an entire body part, brief and unsustained. CNs, spontaneous, action induced or stimulus induced.
  14. primitive reflexes
    indicate CNS pathology
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OME: Overview
OME: Overview