CD 2

  1. Troubadour Songs
    Track 1. Beatriz de Dia (ca. 1140-1200), A chantar m’er. Score in folder.

    • Track 2, Bernart de Ventadorn (ca. 1140-1190) , Can vei la lauzeta mover.
    • Score in Yudkin. Paul Hillier sings stanzas 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7, and the Tornada.

    • Track 3. Guiraut de Borneil (ca. 1140-1200), Reis Glorios. Score in Yudkin.
    • The Ivory Consort. Stanzas 1 and 2 are sung. An instrumental interlude featuring lute and vielle follows, and then stanza 2 is repeated. To get appreciate the full impact of the lyrics, try reading stanzas 3-7 aloud, in English, during the instrumental section.

    • Track 4. Gaucelm Faidit (ca. 1150-1220), Fortz Chauza. Score in Yudkin.
    • Kecskes Ensemble. One complete stanza is sung.
  2. Trouvère Songs
    Track 5. Anoymous, Bele Doette (13th c.) from the Chansonnier de Saint Germain des Prés. Score in folder. Duo Trobairitz.

    • Track 6. Colin Muset (ca. 1200-1250), Sire Cuens. Score in Yudkin.
    • Ensemble Anonymous. Stanzas 1 and 4 are recited; the others are sung. The song is followed by an instrumental istampitta, which is not part of the required listening.

    • Track 7. Gautier de Coincy (ca. 1177-1236), Royne Celestre. Score in Yudkin.
    • The Harp Consort, with Ian Harrison, voice. An insert with the lyrics for the second and third stanzas has been uploaded to ELC.
  3. ISEG
    Track 8. Anonymous, A Tutta Gente (13th c.) from the Florentine Laudario (ca. 1310) Score in Yudkin. Schola Cantorum Londiniensis, from an LP, ca. 1970. The first stanza is sung.

    • Track 9. Non e gran cousa from the Cantigas de Santa Maria (ca. 1270). Score in Yudkin.
    • The New London Consort. An insert with the complete lyrics has been uploaded to ELC.

    • Track 10. St. Godric of Finchale (ca. 1100-1170), Sainte Marie. Score in Yudkin.
    • The Purcell Concert of Voices. One stanza is sung.

    Track 11. Walther von der Vogel (ca. 1170-1230), Palästinalied. Score in Yudkin. Complete lyrics have been uploaded to ELC. I Ciarlatani.
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