1. A pt with a fluid overload problem has been given a dose of fursemide (lasix) IV. Following rapid diuresis in the patient, an arrhythmia is noticed that did not exist befoe the

    A) check the pt's potassium level
  2. A 2-mo old infant has episodes of apnea that result in bradycardia and cyanosis. What med should be recommended to treat the apnea episodes?

    C) caffeine citrate (cafcit)
  3. An RT is working in the ED when an MVA victim arrives. The pt is conscious, screaming and hysterical from the extreme pain of a broken leg. What should be recommended for sedation?

    D) morphine sulfate (duramorph)
  4. An asthma patient is d/cing systemic corticosteroid. The pt will continue taking aerosolized bd's. The physician wants to know what should be recommended for an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS).

    B) beclomethasone dipropionate (QVAR)
  5. The results of a pts PFT show that the peak expiratory flow rate increased the most when an aerosolized sympathomimetic drug and an aerosolized anticholinergic drug were inhaled. The physician wants to know what should be recommended for this patient.

    D) ipratropium and albuterol (combivent respimat)
  6. A pt was extubated 30 minutes ago. The pt is hoarse and complains of "tightness in my throat." Inspiratory stridor can be heard. The drug of choice for treating this problem is:

    A) racemic epinephrine (micronefrin)
  7. A pt has COPD with a bronchospasm component. Which of the following classes of meds would be helpful?

    A) saba &ics & laac & laba
  8. An order is received to administer 5 ml of albuterol (proventil) by hand held nebulizer. what should be done?

    A) call the physician to check on the med dose
  9. A 10 yo CF pt has a pulmonary infection and thick secretions. What should be recommended to help the pt cough out the secretions?

    C) nebulized dornse alfa (pulmozyme)
  10. How much active ingredient would be found in 0.6 ml of 2.25% racemic epinephrine (micronefrin)?

    B) 13.5 mg
  11. An RT is about to administer an aerosolized BD to an adult pt. The pts pretreatment pulse rate before starting is 85. The rx should be stopped if the pt's pulse reaches:

    A) 110
  12. A pt is being given an aerosolized beta-agonist (sympathomimetic) drug for the fisrt time. Monitoring should be done for what possible adverse effects?

    D) tremor & headache & nervousness & tachycardia
  13. A pt is being d/c'd and will receive an aerosolized controller-type BD rx at home. The best med for this chronically sick but stable pt is:

    A) arformoterol (brovana)
  14. A pt has an order for an induced sputum sample to be analyzed for TB. the best med for this is:

    A) 10% saline solution
  15. After finishing an aerosolized dose of acetylcysteine (mucomyst), a pt had breath sounds that reveal wheezing. These were not present at the start of rx. What med should be fiven before the next mucomyst rx?

    A) levalbuterol (xopenex)
  16. An Rt is working on the night shift when a 17 YO pt with status asthmaticus is admitted through the ED. The pt has already been given combivent respimat and an ics medication.

    D) theophylline (aminophylline)
  17. A 16 YO female pt has severe and chronic asthma. Her physician wishes to change her meds to prevent her from having asthma attacks. All of the following meds would be helpful EXCEPT:

    B) epinephrine (adrenaline)
  18. A pt with COPD is being given a new inhaled adrenergic BD med by SVN. Within 3 minutes, the pt c/o palpitations. The pts pulse was 85 before the rx and is now 125. What should be done?

    A) stop the rx.
  19. An RT has finished giving an 8 YO female pt with asthma an IPPB rx with 0.5ml of albuterik (proventil). It is noticed that the pt's HR has increased 15% from before the rx. Her breath sounds are now clear. what should be recommended to the physician for the pt's next rx?

    A) decrease the proventil to 0.3 ml
  20. The RT is called to the PAR to assist in the care of a pt who returned 2 hrs ago from having a bowel resection. The pt is apenic and on a ventilator. Which meds could be used to wean the pt from the machine?

    A) flumazenil (romazicon) & naloxone (narcan)
  21. How much med solution is needed to give the pt 20mg of the active ingredient? The solution contains 5% active ingredient.

    C) 0.1 ml
  22. An anxious 10 YO asthma pt is being given a breathing rx with levalbuterol (xopenex). The pt's initial HR of 110 has now increased to 120. What should be done?

    C) continue the rx as ordered
  23. The lab results of a pt's sputum sample indicate that the pt has a gram-positive pulmonary infection. Which of the following meds should be recommended?

    B) penicillin (ampicillin)
  24. An 18 MO infant is dx with bronchiolitis from RSV. Which med should be recommended?

    C) ribavirin (virazole)
  25. The therapist is called to help assess a premature neonate. The pt is having difficult breathing and RDS is suspected. All of the following could be recommended EXCEPT:

    D) flumazenil (romazicon)
  26. A 30 YO asthmatic pt has received a standard dose of levalbuterol (xopenex). Breath sounds reveal loud, bilateral wheezes. Over the course of the rx, the pt's HR changed from 98 to 105. What would you recommend?

    D) repeat the rx and monitor the pt
  27. 10 YO female patient with status asthmaticus has been admitted to the hospital. The physician plans to start her on continuous nebulization of a fast onset rescue inhaled BD med. Which of the following should be recommended as part of her care plan?

    D) admit to ICU & give levalbuterol (xopenex) & ECG & pulseox should be monitored & she should be given an IV corticosteroid
  28. A ventilated pt who has been paralyzed with a neuromuscular blocking agent should be given a sedative for what reason?
  29. A pt had a bronch and biopsy taken of a suspected tumor. after the biopsy, uncontrolled bleeding starts. What should be given to control the bleeding?

    D) instill epinephrine through the scope at the site of the bleeding
  30. A 15 TO pt with CF has large amount of thick secretions. There is no sign of infection. What should be administered to help manage the secretion problem?

    B) 5% saline
  31. A home care pt with asthma has finished a standard dose of 0.25ml of albuterol (ventolin). After waiting 15 minutes, the pt performs a peak flow measurment,which shows 65% of personal best. What should be done to improve the pt's condition?

    A) increase the dose of albuterol
  32. A premature neonate is being ventilated in the NICU. The neonatologist believes the pt has pulmonary hypertension. What should be recommended?

    A) administer INOmax
  33. An adult pt is panicking & fighting against the ventilator. All of the following may be sued to control the pt on the ventilator EXCEPT

    A) flumazenil (romazicon)
  34. A pt is in shock from an allergic rxn to a bee sting. In addition, the pt has inspiratory stridor from laryngeal edema. What is the best med to use to help raise the pt's BP and help her breathing?

    A) IV epinephrine (adrenalin)
  35. A 10 YO boy with CF has been having recurrent episodes of P. aeruginosa pneumonia. What should be recommended to prevent further episodes?

    C) TOBI should be taken by SVN every other month
  36. A 4 MO pt has chronic lung disease secondary to recovering from RDS. The pt now has pneumonia caused by RSV and is on a ventilator. What can be given to improve the pt's condition?

    C) ribivirin (virazole) by SPAG nebulizer
  37. A 35 YO pt has AIDS and was previously treated for P. carinii pneumonia. What can be used to prevent the infection from reoccurring?

    B) Pentamidine (nebupent) by SVN
  38. A 58 Yo female pt with CHF is being rx'd with 40% O2 and diuretics. Within 3 hours she has lost 1500 ml of urine and her pulse ox reading has improved for 84% to 93% saturation. Her ECG shows a HR of 110 with new observation of PVC's. Her recent serum electrolyte test shows a K+ level of 3.1mEq/L. What recommendations could be made in her care?

    D) IV potassium
  39. A pt has been dx with severe COPD. The physician has asked for your recommendations on meds to optimize breathing. THe pt says, "I don't want to take the medicine all day long." What should be recommended to maximize BD and convenience?

    C) fluticasone and vilanterol (breo) & tiotropium (spiriva)
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