Wingate Lab Quiz

  1. what is peak/maximal power
    • the highest power output in the first 5s interval.
    • most immediate system. phosphagen system
  2. mean power outpot
    • glycolitic system is also helping 
    • second to be used
    • indicator of the overall "anaerobic" capacity
  3. % decline

    how is it measured
    • oxidative energy system 
    • last to be used

    the highest power output-lowest power output divided by highest power output
  4. the wingate test

    how to get flywheel resistance
    the person starts pedaling as fast as they can without weight, then flywheel resistance is added (.075 x body weight in kg), then they keep pedaling

    measures every 5 seconds to see aerobic capacity
  5. what is power? 

    how to convert to watts?
    • weight x distance
    • --------------------
    •       time 

    • kg-m
    • ------
    •   min
  6. absolute measurement, how do you record?
    straight from device
  7. relative measurement
    peak power divided by body mass
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