social studies

  1. Proclamation of 1763

    The purpose was to protect the colonists
  2. French and Indian war

    G.B. won and got land. They also went into debt.
  3. Quartering act

    Colonists had to provide housing, food, and transportation for the soldiers. They treated them badly. That made the colonists angry
  4. stamp act

    A tax on imported goods. They protested and boycotted until repealed angry
  5. Boston Massacre

    Quartering act and the stamp act lead to it. 5 colonists were killed. argued and fought.
  6. Boston tea party

    Colonists were forced to buy tea from one English tea company
  7. Intolerable acts

    Laws made after the Boston tea party.
  8. Colonist reaction
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    • Protested
    • Boycotted
    • Tarred and feathered the tax collecters
    • Sent delegates to the 1st contenental congress
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