NCR Class 8

  1. 3 characteristics of a jujitsu attack. (AAA)
    • 1. Asserts a position
    • 2. Attacks your idea
    • 3. Attacks you personally
  2. 3 characteristics of a jujitsu response. (STD)
    • 1. Step aside/block the threat
    • 2. Transfer their strength to meet your ends
    • 3. Don’t resist their force, redirect it
  3. In jujitsu, don't waste a lot of... by attacking back.
  4. In jujitsu, if you... to the first hit, you’ll... by the second one.
    block hard, get hit
  5. In jujitsu, use their energy exerted as an opportunity to...
    guide them in a direction.
  6. In jujitsu, it might feel or appear... to not be reactive, but know that it is most powerful because you will win with your... and not your...
    weak, mind, emotion
  7. In jujitsu, you shouldn't care if they resist your first effort—if your first move doesn’t work,...
    try another one.
  8. In jujitsu, if they are in a deep stance, their position can be moved with a...
    targeted response.
  9. In jujitsu, when you respond to someone, they will likely tense up, which is our natural inclination, but if you relax, you don’t...
    get broken down.
  10. In jujitsu, it’s about... our power—using their energy and not wasting ours.
  11. In jujitsu, stepping aside or blocking the threat involves... (ILA)
    • 1. Inviting criticism
    • 2. Letting others vent
    • 3. Acknowledging perspective
  12. Transferring their strength to meet your ends involves...(ATC)
    • 1. Asking questions in a joint problem-solving frame
    • 2. Treating their attacks as attempts to solve the problem
    • 3. Clarifying interests
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