NCR Class 2

  1. The 2 primary strategies are... and...
    collaborative, competitive
  2. 3 characteristics of the collaborative strategy. (ICT)
    • 1. Integrative
    • 2. Creating value
    • 3. Taking risks
  3. 3 characteristics of the competitive strategy. (DCP)
    • 1. Distributive
    • 2. Claiming value
    • 3. Profits for one
  4. In distributive bargaining there is a..., meaning there are...
    fixed pie, limited resources
  5. In distributive bargaining, the goals of both parties are...
    in direct conflict.
  6. In distributive bargaining,each side wants to...
    maximize their share.
  7. ... happens when there is competition over who is going to get the most of a limited resource.
    Claiming value
  8. You can claim value by... (BBT)
    • 1. Bluffing
    • 2. Being aggressive 
    • 3. Threatening
  9. In integrative bargaining, the goal is to... the pie so that both sides can...
    expand, achieve their objectives.
  10. In integrative bargaining, you create value by mutual... to a...
    commitment, win-win strategy.
  11. Negotiation truth #1 is that it is simultaneously possible to be... and... . You can... value and then... it.
    both competitive, collaborative, create, claim
  12. Most negotiations are a combination of... and...
    claiming, creating value.
  13. Be comfortable with both...
  14. Recognize situations that require...
    more of one approach than the other.
  15. We tend to see problems as more... and... than they really are.
    distributive, competitive
  16. The target point is also known as the...
    aspiration point.
  17. The starting point is also known as the... or the...
    opening offer, asking price
  18. The reservation point is also known as the... or the
    walkaway point, resistance point.
  19. The 4 elements of negotiation. (TORB)
    • 1. Target point (aspiration point)
    • 2. Opening offer (starting point)
    • 3. Reservation point (walkaway point)
    • 4. BATNA
  20. BATNA stands for...
    best alternative to a negotiated agreement.
  21. Your BATNA is an option that can be pursued if...
    negotiation fails.
  22. Negotiation truth #2 is that your BATNA should always be... and it's best to keep it...
    alive, flux.
  23. Generally you don't want to reveal your...
  24. Negotiation truth #3 is that there are only... cases when it's okay to reveal your BATNA. (DW)
    • 2
    • 1. During the 11th hour and negotiations are at a standstill
    • 2. When it's phenomenal
  25. When using the distributive strategy you should hold firm to your... and...
    target, reservation point.
  26. Convince the other party to... their reservation point if it is revealed.
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