Art History 2

  1. Aegina
    rival city to Athens
  2. Alkyoneus
    Rival of Hercules, depicted fighting him on great altar of pergamum
  3. Aphaia
    Greek Goddess of fertility worshiped in Aphaea
  4. Attalids
    dynasty that ruled kingdom of pergamon
  5. Boule
    Council of citizens that helped run greek government
  6. Bouleuterion
    Building that held Boule, the popular assembly building
  7. Caria
    Region of Anatolia where Halicarnassus
  8. cavea
    seating section of ampetheatre
  9. Centauromachy
    battle between lapiths and centaurs. Depicted on Parthenon (theseus liked them) and temple of zeus at olympia
  10. corner contraction
    placement of doric columns closer to one another at the corner of a temple
  11. dactyl
    small race of people who foudned olympic games, assosciated with haphestus
  12. dentils
    small blocks on cornice
  13. entasis
    slight curvature used in temples for aesthetic purposes
  14. Hecatomnus
    Ruler of Caria who founded Hecatomnid dynasty
  15. Ictinus
    Architect of temple of Apollo at Bassae
  16. interaxial
    space between the axes
  17. intercolumniation
    the spaces between columns in a columnade
  18. Mylasa
    Capital of Carian satrapy
  19. naos
    small egyptian shrine
  20. Oikos
    Greek familial unit, often refers to family
  21. opisthodomos
    most secure room of temple and where treasury often was
  22. orchestra
    where singers and dancers performed in greek theatre
  23. palaestra
    wrestling school that was part of the gymnasium
  24. Panathenaia
    other set of games held in Athens every four years
  25. Priene
    ionian city with large temple to athena on acropolis
  26. prostyle
    free standing columns used in a portico
  27. Prytaneion
    seat of government, also where the officials and victors met from the olympic games
  28. sima
    upturned edge of roof which acts as a gutter
  29. skene
    background building of greek theatre
  30. stoa
    hall of columns used for public use
  31. stylobate
    slaightly raised pedistal on which a greek temple rests
  32. tetractys
    10 point triangle used in the worship of the pythagorans
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