Chemistry Definitions - Periodic Table and Energy MODULE 3

  1. Enthalpy
    The amount of heat evolved or absorbed during a reaction at constant pressure
  2. System
    Chemicals involved within a reaction
  3. Exothermic
    A reaction accompanied by the release of heat
  4. Endothermic
    A reaction accompanied by or requiring the absorption of heat
  5. Enthalpy Profile Diagram
    A diagram for a reaction to compare the enthalpy of products with reactants
  6. Activation Energy
    The minimum quantity of energy that the reacting species requires to undergo a specific reaction
  7. Standard Conditions
    Pressure of 100kPa, Temperature of 298k and concentration of 1mol/dm3
  8. Average Bond Enthalpy
    The average amount of energy needed to break a the bonds in a mole of a certain substance
  9. Hess' Law
    The total enthalpy change for the reaction is the sum of all changes
  10. Intermediate
    A substance formed during a middle step of a reaction between reactants and products
  11. Dynamic Equilibrium
    A state of balance between continuing processes of a reversible reaction
  12. Le Chatelier's Principle
    If a dynamic equilibrium is disturbed by changing the conditions, he position of the equilibrium will shift to counteract the change
  13. Equilibrium Constant
    Shows the ratio of concentration of products to reactants
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