First art history

  1. acroterion
    Statue put at the top of a temple
  2. Aegean
    Greek Sea
  3. agora
    Roman Forum in Greece, center of meeting, literally means gathering place
  4. architrave
    beam that rested on top of columns, or below an arch
  5. Artemis
    Goddess of the Hunt
  6. Atreus
    Father of Agamemnon, his tomb is the treasury
  7. Attica
    Region of Athens
  8. caryatid
    A statue that serves as a column
  9. cella
    The inner chamber of a temple, statue held here
  10. corbel
    Juts of stone or marble that support weight, part of the structure, often holds a cornice
  11. cornice
    decorative moulding that lines the roof of a building, oftentimes held by corbels
  12. Croesus
    Lydian king, first to start coinage and got killed by Cyrus
  13. Cyclopean
    Building style that seems to be so hard to do that cyclops had to build it
  14. Dark Ages
    Time between fall of Mycenae and the rise of the Polis.
  15. Deir el-Bahri
    Site of tombs and death temples on west bank of nile. Hold Hapshetsut's large palace
  16. Delphi
    Oracle was there, center of the world
  17. Didyma
    Site on Ionian coast, home of temple and oracle of Apollo
  18. Doric
    Shorter, stouter collumns with less decorated capitals
  19. dromos
    entryway to a tomb or temple
  20. entablature
    Basically everything above a column, made up of architrave, frieze, and cornice
  21. Ephesus
    City of Ionian coast, home to temple of Artemis.
  22. Erechtheum
    Temple to Athena on Acropolis, famous for it's caraytid porch
  23. frieze
    Ring of images that go around greek temple and sit on top of architrave usually
  24. Gigantomachy
    Epic battle between Olympians and Giants, oldest group of gods including Gaia and Uranus
  25. Giza
    City of Egypt, pyramids n shit
  26. hecatompedon
    Temple in place of modern Parthenon
  27. Herodotus
    Father of History and wrote the persian wars
  28. Homer
    Illiad and shit
  29. Iliad
  30. Ionia
    Coast of Turkey on the Aegean sea. Home of much of Greek Civilization
  31. Ionic
    Most thin and small columns with loops
  32. Levant
    Old name for Middle East
  33. Lydia
    Kingdom of Anatolia, it's king Croesus built the
  34. Mediterranean
  35. megaron
    central room of palace and home of a large hearth
  36. metope
    actual pictures on frieze that sit between those slotted triglypth things
  37. Miletus
    City in Ionia, was once considered the best in Freece
  38. Mycenae
    Site in the peloponese
  39. Naxos
    Island in the cyclades, and one of the most important in greek history
  40. Near East
    Other name for middle east
  41. Odyssey
    Odyseus yay
  42. Oedipus
    got any more of them moms?
  43. Olympia
    old Greek cite in the northern peloponeese. Home of the games
  44. oracle
    talker from the gods
  45. order
    style of columns
  46. Orientalizing period
    period of greek history where culture became closer to that of the near east, such as the introduction of metalugry
  47. panhellenic
    all Grece
  48. Parnassus
    Home of the muses and the site of the temple of the oracle at delphi
  49. Parthenon
    Thing on the acropolis
  50. pediment
    Triangular structure of templs
  51. peripteral
    Temple with a portico that surounds an inner sanctum
  52. peristyle
    open porch or open columnade in a temple
  53. Persia
  54. Phigaleia
    City in Arcadia that has large parts of wall surviving
  55. Phoenician
    Those people
  56. polis
  57. pteron
    the huge thing the mausoleum of mausolus was one
  58. Renaissance
    Not a real thing
  59. ridge beam
    central beam that held up timber roof of temple
  60. Siphnos
    builder of a treasury that held the offerings to the god Apollo at Delphi
  61. Smyrna
    Large city on the Aegean of Turkey
  62. Syria
    that place
  63. tholos
    beehive tomb
  64. triglyph
    Three lined things that seperate metope
  65. Trojan war
    not real
  66. Vitruvius
    Roman historian who wrote de architectura
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