1. Are Detectives required to "routinely" contact Category Two Victims?
  2. Backlogged Case is defined as:
    When a F/u Investigationform 3.14 IS NOT SUBMITTED on a Catone case within the required 30 day due date.
  3. A 3.14 shall be submitted within _______ working days from the date the arrest is assigned.  An extension may be granted on an indiv case by case basis 

    *Blanket authority to extend any of these due dates 'SHALL" NOT BE GRANTED.
  4. A 3.14 for NON-CUSTODY cases, other than those, which involve hatred or prejudice shall be submitted within ?
    30 Calendar Days from the date assigned unless an extension
  5. A 3.14 is required to report the Investigative results/progres of Cat one cases involving "HATRED OR PREJUDICE, OR CRIMES WHICH HAVE IN-CUSTODY arrestees within how many days?  Working/Calendera/ etc.,
    Within 10 "WORKING" days from the date assigned Unless an extension is granted  on a case-by-case basis
  6. Category One - Required Follow up
    This category shall include:
    • * All crime reports assigned to a Det which involve an arrestee in custody.  "in-custody" arrestees shall be handled before all other cases.
    • * All crimes reports with "leads"
    • * All non-crime reports which demand immediate investigation. 
    • * All reports involving murder, sexual abuse or GBI
    • * All crimes involving Hatred or Prejudice
    • * all crimes stemming from consumer product tampering
    • * Firearm notification
    • *All prop reports wherein a lost, stolen or wanted firearm is booked
  7. what does a Detective Supervisor do in order to determine whether a case falls as a Category One or Category Two ?
    • He Shall review the original report and any accompanying reports for significant facts which may demand further investigation and/or may lad to solving the crime.  
    • - Susp identity
    • - Susp vehicle
    • - seriousness of the crime
    • - property
  8. Information or investigative efforts that DO NOT merit a 3.14 shall be documented in>>>>
    The case notes.
  9. When should a 3.14 be initiated?
    • As soon as practical after information requiring its initiation has been learned, or the investigation is completed.  The 3.14 shall not be held
    • - When there is a change in the case status
    • - The orig crime or incident is reclassified
    • - The responsibility for investigation of the case is transferred to another div
    • - Corrections to orig report are needed
    • - There is additional property loss /deletion, or a prop recover.
    • - Information that tends to identify or eliminate a known or possible suspect.
    • - A change in the suspect's identity
    • NOTE: The concerned C/O shall ensure the CCAD is updated. the 3.14 shall contain the words UPDATE CCAD INFORMATION.
  10. How do you document a progress report in a Murder Investigation?
    Use plain white paper
  11. what do you need to correct a 5.10 ?
  12. What form do you use to correct a 5.9?
    another 5.9 
  13. Note;  "Charged means a complaint FILED with a federal, state or local court by the Dept or by another law enforc agency.  when the case is included in their filing. Does  "PROSECUTION" within another country meet this criteria , based on the Department's case????
    • Yes! 
    • Charged:  Case field, the person is cited into court or the matter is deemed an infraction.
  14. EXCEPTION: Felony crims processed by the modified 17B4 bypas procedure or when stamped by the filing team may be cleared with a form 5.10 and not a 3.14
  15. Can both Felony and Misd crimes be cleared with a 3.14 ?
    NOOO! only FELONIES!   

    Misdemeanors can use a combined crime/arrest report.
  16. Can narcotics charges be cleared or CCW
    NO, they CANNOT BE CLEARED Because they are reported on Arrest reports not crime reports.
  17. Can any charges be cleared?
    Only CRIMES that occurred in the City of L.A that have a VICTIM and were reported on a Department crime REPORT MAY BE CLEARED.  There can only be one clearance per DR.

  18. Can we use the same DR, if on a murder when the death occurs in a subsequent calendar year after the incident?
    • No, 
    • Inv form 3.11 shall be assigned a NEW DR Number, reference the "OLD" DR.
  19. Can we use Penal Code SEctions on a 3.14 under the specific type portion?
  20. A case can be upgraded when new information is learned?
    Can a case be downgraded by a Supervisor?
    A case MAY NOT BE downgraded
  21. Exceptions to use a 3-14 ?
    • Use a Form 5.9 when correcting information
    • on the original Form 5.9.
    • Use an Investigative R eport (IR), Form 3.01,
    • when reclassifying an injury to a crime
    • Use a Form 5.10 when correcting information
    • on the original Form 5.10.
    • Use an Investigative Report, Form 3.01,
    • when reclassifying as missing person
    • investigation to a crime.
    • Vehicle Report, CHP 180
    • Use this form when changing the status of a
    • vehicle in the Stolen Vehicle System
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