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  1. The LAU-7 is a _ missile launcher that carries and launches the _ Series missiles. The LAU-7 Series missile launcher also carries various _.
    rail-type, AIM-9, instrumentation pods
  2. Characteristics of the LAU-7
    • 87lbs
    • 111in/9.25ft
    • 4.187in
    • 5.4in
  3. The LAU-115 is a _ missile launcher
    that carries and launches _ Series missiles. The LAU-115 has provisions for mounting two _ or two _ launchers for _ Series missiles or two _ launchers for_ Series missiles.
    rail-type, AIM-7, LAU-7, LAU-127, AIM-9, LAU-127,  AIM-120
  4. Characteristics of the LAU-115
    • 59lbs
    • 78in/6.5ft
    • 6.9in
    • 8.5in
  5. What is the rail wear gauge part number
    p/n 917as20795
  6. The LAU-116 is an _ guided missile
    launcher designed to provide a _ and _ interface between the aircraft weapon system and an Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air  _ Series or _ Series missile.
    eject type, mechanical, electrical, AIM-127, AIM-7
  7. The LAU-116/A is used for _ and _ of the _ Series missile from the _ aircraft.
    suspension, release, AIM-7, F/A-18A
  8. The LAU-116A/A and -116B/A are used for _ and _ of either _ Series or _ Series missile.
    Carriage, launch, AIM-7, AIM-120
  9. The LAU-116 is installed in the _ of the aircraft _ allowing the missiles to be _ recessed for aerodynamic purposes.
    Underside, fuselage, semi.
  10. The LAU-117 is a _ guided missile launcher designed to provide a _ and _ interface between the aircraft weapon system and a _ Series missile.
    Rail type, mechanical, electrical, AGM-65
  11. LAU-117 Characteristics
    • 135lbs
    • 95in/7.91ft
    • 11in
    • 11in
  12. The LAU-117 launcher consists of a _ , a _, and the_ Provided with both _ and _ inch suspension, the launcher is compatible with a wide variety of aircraft.
    mechanical launcher assembly, Missile Restraint Device (MRD), Launcher ElectronicsAssembly (LEA), 14, 30
  13. The LAU-118 is a _ guided missile launcher designed to provide a _ and _ interface between the aircraft weapon system and a _ Series missile.
    rail type, mechanical, electrical, AGM-88
  14. The launcher LAU-118 consists of the _, _, _, _, and _. The launcher has provisions for both _ and _ suspension
    • Housing assembly
    • Forward and aft launcher tracks,
    • Forward and aft fairing assemblies,
    • Retention mechanism,
    • Electrical system
    • 14in, 30in
  15. LAU-118 Characteristics
    • 100lbs
    • 69.5in/
    • 12in/1ft
    • 8in
  16. The LAU-127 guided missile launcher is _ Series air-to-air missile employed beneath the wing or on wing tips of the F/A-18 aircraft
    single, rail-launched, AIM-120, AIM-9
  17. The LAU-127 is an _ structure with a _ design that accommodates both inner and outer rails of the AIM-120 Series and AIM-9 Series hooks. Two attachment bolts (_) provide for attachment to the _.
    aluminum/titanium, dual-track, 30” centers, aircraft pylons or adapters
  18. Guided missiles are defined as _ vehicles designed to move in a _, or flight path, above _, and whose trajectory, or course, is capable of being controlled (_) while in flight. Guided missiles are categorized by their launch environment, mission, and type
    unmanned, trajectory, earth’s surface, remotely or internally
  19. Air Launch guided missiles are _, _ vehicles whose primary mission is to _, _, _ and _ airborne targets.
    Air-launched, aerial intercept guided, detect, track, intercept, destroy.
  20. The AIM-7 Series is a _, _, _, _, _
    guided missile that is designed to be either _ or _ launched.
    supersonic, semi-active, medium-range, all-weather, air to air, rail, ejection
  21. The RIM-7 has the same capabilities as the AIM-7 except they are launched from _.
    Surface ships
  22. What launchers are the  AIM-7 launched from?
  23. AIM-7 Characteristics:
    wing span:
    tail span:
    cog from rear of rocket motor:
    • 144 in
    • 8 in
    • 40 in
    • 31.6 in
    • 59.5 in
  24. Aim-9m is a _, supersonic_ missile and is propelled by _
    short range, air to air, rocket motor
  25. Aim-9x is a _, supersonic_ missile and is capable of _  air missions in the _ operations.
    short range, air to air, offensive, day or night
  26. AIM-120 is a _ guided air to air missile that has an _,beyond visual range capability.
    radar, all weather
  27. The LAU-127 is a rail launcher designated to  enable the navy F/A-18 a/c to carry and launch the _
  28. The LAU-115 is used in conjunction with 2 LAU-127'S, which provide the capability to carry 2 _
  29. AIM-120 Characteristics:
    • 144in
    • 7in
    • 21 in
    • 25 in
    • 79.6 in
    • 348 lbs
    • 356 lbs for C
    • 358 lbs for D
  30. Name of AIM-120
    • Advanced medium range air to air missile
    • (AMRAAM)
  31. Name of AGM-65
  32. Name of AGM-84H/K
    Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER)
  33. The AGM-84 Harpoon is a subsonic,__and countermeasure capabilities, anti-ship attack weapon, used by _ and _
    all weather, fa18, p-3
  34. The AGM-84 Harpoon has _ major sections: and has an electrical and mechanical interface on the following aircraft:
    • 4
    • guidance, warhead, sustainer, control
    • F/A-18 (BRU-32)
    • P-3 (AERO-65A, BRU-15)
  35. Characteristics of the AGM84 Harpoon (D and N series):
    • 1160 lbs
    • 13.5 in
    • 151. in
  36. Characteristics of the AGM84H/K SLAM-ER:
    • 1478 lbs
    • 13.5 in
    • 172 in
  37. The AGM-65 Series is an _, _, guided missile that can be configured with either a laser or IR guidance section.
    air-to-surface, rocket propelled
  38. The _ is a single rail-guided missile launcher developed for the AGM-65 Series system.
  39. The AGM-65 (E And F series) Characteristics:
    Weight: E:    F:
    • E: 642 lbs F: 669 lbs
    • 12 in
    • 97.7 in
  40. The AGM-65 Maverick has _ major sections:
    • 2
    • guidance, control
  41. The AGM-88 Series Missile is an _ missile that has four major sections:
     which can separate at section joints to facilitate maintenance.
    • anti-radiation
    • guidance, control, warhead, and rocket motor,
  42. The complete system consists of the guided missile, _ launcher, launch aircraft, and particular avionics.
  43. What is  the AGM-88?
    High speed anti-radiation missile (HARM)
  44. What is AGM-88E?
    Advanced anti-radiation guided missile (AARGM)
  45. the AGM-88E has the _ wing which is a modified _ HARM wing
    BSU-103/E, BSU-59/E
  46. The AGM-114 Series missile is an _, laser guided, AGM weapon which uses a shaped charge warhead to defeat _ with minimal exposure of the launch helicopter to enemy fire.
    anti-armor, hard point targets
  47. What is the AGM-114?
  48. The _ launcher is only carried on the outboard stations of the stub wing of an _ The _ launcher is utilized with the _ Series helicopter
    M272, AH-1, m299,H60
  49. The AGM-114 Characteristics:
    • 98.3  lbs
    • 7.1in
    • 65 in
  50. The tactical AIM-120 Series is a radar guided air-to-air missile that has an all-weather, _. The missile is divided into four sections:
    The missile has _ fixed wings and _ moveable rear fins.
    • beyond-visual-range capability.
    • guidance, armament, propulsion, and control.
    • 4, 4
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