Greek play structure lines

  1. Yassin says do I really want this
    • *enter*
    • we are so proud of Yassin. Not only has he gotten into penn but he is a great athlete. He is so bright we look forward to more accomplishments
  2. barbra talks says statistics of college students falling into drug habits
    Mistakes can be fixed can't they
  3. barbra
    they can but will he
    As dear friends we believe in yassin
  4. episode 1 is over
    This is horrible! Do not throw away your future. You have achieved so much up until this moment. Such a foolish mistake! We are ashamed!
  5. amanda 
    this room is a disaster
    Now he has upset his mother. Everything down the drain. With stupidity must come consequence
  6. amanda 
    I don't want to hear it
    Poor decisions lead to consequences. Yassin had such a bright future, good to come, but has made bad choices. He is to blame for his  deprivation of success. With a worried mother what would you expect. Are you happy now? A great opportunity ruined.
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