that's english modulo 6.1 speaking

  1. what does an osteopath do?
    they treat and prevent health problems
  2. how do they treat your healthy problems?
    they treat them by moving your body and massaging your muscles.
  3. what are the most frequent problems that they treat?
    probably back pain from back posture and sports injuries
  4. how long have you been suffering from lower back pain?
    i have been suffering for three years
  5. is there cure for arthritis?
    no there is no cure so you have to find ways of relieving the pain (levier, calmar)
  6. what happens in osteopath session?
    he massages my muscles and move my body in different directions.
  7. how long this session last?
    about thirty minutes but the first session sometimes last a bit longer
  8. what's the matter with you?
    i've got a bad back
  9. does it hurt all the time?
    • yes especially when i move, i hurt myself while i was lifting some heavy boxes
    • me hice daño mientras cogia unas cajas pesadas , al coger unas cajas pesadas
  10. how are you feeling?
    i've got a really bad cough and a sore throat
  11. are you all right?
    • i've been feeling very bad recently
    • i haven't been eating properly and i haven't been getting any exercise
  12. what's wrong with her?
    she's got a bad heart
  13. what happens to you? your arm is so red
    i have a skin rash an insect bit me an i had an allergic reaction
  14. what's the matter with peter? What has he got a bandage on his ankle?
    it¡s nothing serious just an twisted ankle
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