Botany modified plants

  1. rhizomes
    underground horizontal stems that allow vegetative spread and protection form the aboveground environment
  2. succulent stem
    an adaptation for water storage
  3. stems lack endodermis and pericycle
    roots have them
  4. stems have vascular tissues in a ring or scattered; roots have them in the center
  5. stem growth is often discontinuous; 
    root growth is relatively continuous
  6. stems are relatively impermeable to water; 
    roots are relatively permeable
  7. stem branches arise from axillary buds; root branches arise from the pericycle
  8. stems have nodes and internodes; roots do not
  9. leaves and axially buds are borne in regular patterns on the stem; branch roots are not
  10. monocots
    • orchids
    • gingers
    • grasses
    • lilkes
    • palms
    • lack a vascular cambium and cork cambium
  11. dicots
    legumes, daisies, roses, and broad leaved hardwood trees
  12. how are roots and stems distinguished?
    by the arrangement of tissues that comprise them
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