Botany Leaves

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  1. Common functions
    • photosynthesis
    • defense
    • climbing
    • storage
    • prey capture
    • pollinator attraction
  2. photosynthesis requires light water and carbon dioxide
  3. blade
    • flattened¬†
    • photosynthesis occurs
  4. petiole
    • connects blade to stem.¬†
    • vascular connections
  5. veins
    provide conduction and support
  6. simple
    leaf blade undivided
  7. compound
    leaf blades divided into leaflets
  8. internal structure of leaves
    • epidermis
    • mesophyll
    • vascular bundles
  9. leaf epidermis cell types
    • typical epidermal cell (lightly packed parenchyma)
    • trichomes-specialized outgrowths of epidermis
    • guard cells-open and close pores to regulate water vapor
  10. typical epidermis cell
    • tightly packed parenchyma
    • lacks chloroplasts
    • located in the epidermis
  11. trichomes (epidermis)
    • specialized outgrowths of epidermis
    • these are often lacking
    • secretary glands
    • sharp
    • shield stomata
    • reflect light
  12. guard cells (epidermis)
    • function in pairs to open and close stomata
    • regulates water vapor
    • located in leaves
    • have chloroplasts
  13. mesophyll
    • chloroplasts rich parenchyma between upper and lower epidermis; photosynthetically active
    • palisade mesophyll-beneath upper epidermis
    • spongy mesophyll- parenchyma beneath palisade
  14. vascular bundles
    • provide conduction and physical support; found throughout mesophyll
    • veins are surrounded by a bundle sheath, ensuring no part of vein is directly exposed to air spaces
  15. Leaf abscission
    • chemical and structural changes occur at leaf base
    • protective layer of dead, waterproof cells forms toward interior, sealing it
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