Botany Roots

  1. roots are 1 of 3 vegetative organs that may comprise over 50% of plant
  2. Common functions of roots
    • anchorage¬†
    • absorption of water and minerals
    • conduction
    • storage of nutrients and water
    • survival during harsh conditions
  3. Taproot system
    main root develops from embryonic root
  4. Fibrous root system
    no main root
  5. Adventitious roots
    • produced from stems or leaves, not the embryonic root.¬†
    • above ground
  6. Top to bottom root
    • maturation
    • elongation
    • cell division
    • root cap
  7. Cortex
    • between epidermis and vascular cylinder
    • loosely packed parenchyma
    • storage site
  8. Vascular Cylinder
    • center of root
    • transport to and from stem
  9. Branch roots originate in the pericycle and grow out through the cortex
  10. Root nodules
    • nitrogen fixed bacteria
    • take nitrogen and provide to plant in exchange for carbs
  11. Mycorrhizal fungi
    inside cortex, provide water and soil minerals to plants in exchange or carbs
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