Avancemos Spanish 2.2

  1. What is a reflexive verb?
    Reflexive verbs descrive actions done to or for oneself.
  2. What is a reflexive pronoun?
    • Yo                           me
    • Tú                           te
    • Usted, él, ella           se
    • Nosotros (as)           nos
    • Ustedes, ellos (as)    se
  3. When is Present Progressive Tense used?

    "They are singing".
    Present Progressive Tense is used to say something is happening now.

    • Cantar+ando=cantando
    • "Ellos están cantando".
  4. All reflexive verbs are expressed with a reflexive pronoun.
    When you conjugate reflexive verbs, the pronoun appears before the conjugated verb.
    • Yo                                  me baño
    • Tú                                  te bañas
    • Usted, él, ella                  se baña
    • Nosotros (as)                  nos bañamos
    • Ustedes, ellos (as)           se bañan
  5. When a reflexive verb follows a conjugated verb. 
    Use the correct reflexive pronoun with the infinitive.
    • Attaching the pronoun to the infinitive:
    • ¿A qué hora quieres despertarte?

    • Placing pronoun before conjugated verb:
    • Me quiero despertar a las siete.
  6. Some verbs are not always reflexive:
    To wake up=Despertar
    I wake up Rosa at seven.
    I wake (myself) up at seven.
    • Yo despierto a Rosa a las cinco.
    • Yo me despierto a las cinco.
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