Botany Tissues

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  1. Epidermis
    • outermost layer of cells
    • protective barrier between plant and environment
    • regulates gas and water exchange with environment
    • 1 cell thick
    • may have waterproof, waxy cuticle
  2. xylem
    • conducts water and minerals¬†
    • mechanical support
    • tracheas, vessel elements, fibers, parenchyma
  3. phloem
    • conducts dissolved organic compounds (sugars)
    • sieve tube members, companion cells, fibers, parenchyma
  4. Merstimatic cells don't differentiate while non-merstimatic cells differentiate
    merstimatic produces non-merstimatic
  5. Apical meristems
    • primary meristem
    • located at the tips of shoots and in axillary buds
    • produce tissues of primary plant body
  6. Vascular cambium
    • cylindrical located from near stem tip to root tip
    • produces secondary wood and inner bark
  7. Cork cambium
    • outside of the vascular cambium
    • produces outer bark
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