History of Land-Grant Schools & Extension

  1. What pieces of legislation established the land-grant system?
    • Morrill Act
    • Hatch Act
    • Smith-Lever Act
  2. When was the Morrill Act and what did it do?
    • 1862
    • established a college in every state that focused on Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
    • land-grant colleges
  3. What is a land-grant college?
    college funded by federal support through income from public lands
  4. What are the basic principles of the land-grant college system?
    • right for all people to have equal access to education
    • the college must serve the needs of the common man
  5. When was the Hatch Act and what did it do?
    • 1887
    • established experiment stations at land-grant colleges
  6. Who was the nation's first County Demonstration Agent?
    • W.C. Stallings
    • hired in Texas in 1906
  7. When was the Smith-Lever Act and what did it do?
    • 1914
    • provided cooperation of USDA and Land-Grant Colleges for ag extension work
  8. When was the Second Morrill Act and what did it do?
    • 1890
    • provided more funding for land-grant colleges
    • designated 18 traditionally black institutions in Southern states as land-grant institutions
  9. What were the 3 components of the land-grant system?
    • Teaching (Morrill Act of 1862)
    • Research (Hatch Act of 1887)
    • Extension (Smith-Lever Act of 1914)
  10. Who was president when the Morrill Act was signed?
    Abraham Lincoln
  11. Who is known as the father of extension?
    Seaman Knapp
  12. How many county extension offices are in Texas?
  13. Who was the first extension agent?
    • William C. Stallings
    • Smith County
  14. Who was the first African American extension agent?
    Thomas Monroe Campbell
  15. When was the USDA created?
  16. What 3 ag commodities were subsidized during war times and why?
    • honey-cheap source of sugar and doesn't expire
    • wool-provides warmth for soldiers
    • mohair-water resistant
  17. What is the FSA and what do they do?
    • Farm Service Agency
    • stabilize farm income
    • help conserve land and water resources
    • provide credit
    • help farm operations recover from disasters
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