1. What does the plasma membrane do?
    It controls what goes in and out of the cell.
  2. What is the cytosol?
    The fluid of the cell, it also contains fluids like water and salt.
  3. What is DNA?
    Deoxyribose nucleic acid, is the genetic material that controls all the metabolic activities of the cell. It is found in the Nucleus.
  4. What is the Nucleus?
    The Nucleus is the brains of the cell, it directs the cell activities and contains genetic material called chromosomes made of DNA.
  5. What is Ribosome?
    The Ribosome is the creator of proteins around the cell.
  6. What is a vacuole?
    Vacuoles are used for storage, they usually contain water or food.
  7. What is the Mitochondria?
    The Mitochondria make energy out of food.
  8. What are Chloroplasts?
    Chloroplasts use sunlight to create food by photosynthesis.
  9. What is the cell wall?
    The cell wall is for support of the cell.
  10. What is the cytoplasm?
    The material between the cell membrane and the nucleus.
  11. What is the Lysosomes?
    They contain digestive enzymes to help break food down.
  12. What is the Golgi apparatus?
    Can also be called Golgi Complex or Golgi bodies. They make, process and package proteins.
  13. What is the Endoplasmic reticulum?
    (Rough or smooth) The transport all sorts of items around the cell.
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