Cell Organelles - Nucleus

  1. What does a nucleus do?
    A nucleus stores DNA (genetic material) and controls cell functions. It is the largest organelle in an animal cell.
  2. How many membranes does a nucleus have?
    A nucleus has a double membrane for extra protection for the DNA.
  3. What does DNA stand for and what does it do?
    DNA stands for 'Dioxyribonucleic Acid' and tells the cell what proteins to produce.
  4. What is the centre of a nucleus called and what does it contain?
    The centre of a nucleus is called a 'nucleolus' and contains 'RNA'.
  5. What does RNA stand for and what does it do?
    RNA stands for 'Ribonucleic Acid' and it assists the DNA it making proteins in the cell.
  6. How many nucleus can there be in a cell?
    Most cells can only have 1 nucleus, others have more than 1 and some have none at all.
  7. What is the shape of a nucleus?
    The shape of a nucleus is spherical.
  8. What kind of  microscope can a nucleus be seen by?
    A nucleus can be seen by a light microscope.
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Cell Organelles - Nucleus
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