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  1. Name the seven requirements of life
    • M-Movement
    • R-Respire
    • S-Stimuli
    • G-Growth
    • R-Reproduction
    • E-Excretion
    • N-Nutrients
  2. What are the two main types of cell?
    Prokaryotic and Eukayotic
  3. What does DNA stand for?
    D- deoxyribonucleic  N- nucleus A- acid
  4. What does ATP stand for?
    ATP=adenosine triphosphate
  5. What is the cell walls function?
    • -the cells wall function is to filter what comes in and goes out of the cell.
    • - its also made out of cellulose.
  6. What is one fact about the Nucleus?
    The nucleus is the largest organelle in the cell.
  7. What is the role Mitochondria?
    Its takes nutrients from the cell, breaks it down and turns it into energy.
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the cells found in organisms and the organelles inside the cells.
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