that english modulo 6 expresiones

  1. que pena
    • what's shame¡
    • what's a pity¡
  2. pero vale la pena
    but it's all worth it
  3. me ayuda a mantenerme sana y en forma
    it helps me stay healthy and fit
  4. expiro e inspiro lentamente
    i breathe in and out slowly

  5. puedes creerlo?
    can you believe it?
  6. have been
    i've been sleeping better so i have more energy

    i've been taking chamomile to treat an upset

    • i haven't  been feeling very well recently
    • I haven't been eating properly 
    • i haven't been getting any exercise
  7. que le pasa?
    what's wrong with her?
  8. va todo bien?
    Is everything all right?
  9. como te encuentras?
    que te pasa?
    how are you feeling?
  10. consejos
    • if i were you i'd make an appointment today
    • you had better make an appointment today
    • you ought to make an appointment today
    • why not do you make an appointment today?
    • you should make an appointment today
  11. siento oír eso
    I'am sorry to hear that
  12. no he tenido dolor
    i haven't been in a pain
  13. tiene mal el corazon
    she's got a bad heart
  14. hacer un te
    just put the dried leaves into a cup and add boiling water. let it infuse for three minutes and it's ready to drink. you can add honey and lemon if you want
  15. contestar a 
    thanks very much
    it's my pleasure /ˈpleʒəʳ/
  16. amplia gama
    • wide range  /waɪd//reɪndʒ/
    • they enjoy a wide range of our spa treatments and alternative medicine treatments.
  17. rapido energico, a paso ligero
    • brisk /brɪsk/
    • a brisk countryside walk

    we are up early in the morning for a brisk countryside or seaside walk,
  18. paseo a paso rapido
    a brisk walk
  19. descubrir
    find out
  20. antes que nada
    above all
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