Body Comp Quiz

  1. why do we measure body composition?
    • -to know health risk
    • -see stored energy
    • -fitness/performance
  2. What is the body composed of?
    • Fat
    • Bones
    • Organs
    • Water
    • Muscle/connective tissue
  3. 2 human body components
    what are they for?
    FFM-fat free mass 1.1 --> 0%bf 

    FM-fat mass .9 --> 100%bf

    measuring body density
  4. 2 kinds of body composition. purpose?

    what are they best indicators of?

    how accurate?
    • hydrostatic weighing
    • skin-fold test
    • estimates density

    good indicator of fat, bad for health

  5. BMI
    what is it best indicator of? why?
    • good for health, bad for fat
    • only measures your "size"
    • weight divided by height
  6. what do you do and what information can you get from/with a skin-fold test? how accurate?
    • -measure skin thickness
    • -subcutaneous layer
    • -you can estimate the body's density and the percentage of fat 
    • 3.5%
  7. how would you generally go about a hydrostatic weighing? think about what kind of data you need
    • age, height, weight, and residual volume. 
    • get the weight of the chair in the water, the temp/density of the water. you take his water weight subtracted by the chair weight, for his actual weight in water.
    • You need the density of the water, his in water weight, his outside water weight, and his residual volume to get his body fat %, to get his FM and FFM
  8. Healthy body fat comp for men? women?
    • Men
    • low 5% norm 15% high 25%
    • Women
    • low 12% norm 23% high 32%
  9. Healthy BMI for all
    • low <18.5 
    • normal 18.5-24.9
    • elevated 25-29.9
    • high over 30
  10. how do you get the body's density and fat % with the skin-fold test?
    take the average of the 7 areas and age to put into equation

    take that density to put into % bf equation
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