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  1. 7 things not to say in an interview
    • don't cry
    • don't bring up an illness unless it's relevant
    • don't compliment the interviewer's appearance
    • don't force rapport
    • don't talk about problems at a previous company unless showing how you persevered
    • make sure you have questions to ask
    • don't say you were fired
  2. how to have a great interview:
    • have goals of information you want covered
    • use resources to gain more information for the interview
    • have good energy
    • analyze answers to questions for the interview
    • be sure you're on time
  3. where can you find networking contacts
    • career fairs
    • social networking sites
    • alumni associations
    • professional associations
    • friends/family
    • community groups
  4. twelve steps to first year success:
    • have a good attitude
    • adjust your expectations
    • master breaking-in skills
    • create effective relationships
    • make a good impression
    • understand organizations culture
    • develop work savvy
    • develop organization savvy
    • learn to be a follower
    • master the tasks of your job
    • acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities you need
    • understand your new-hire role
  5. 10 tips for using social media in your job search
    • develop a professional presence
    • tweet
    • blog
    • get personal
    • use linkedin
    • fill profiles with keywords
    • join online communities
    • share important videos and articles
    • keep people up to date
    • study organizations and people you'll be meeting
  6. 7 types of job-search letters
    • application letter
    • prospecting letter
    • networking letter
    • thank-you letter
    • acceptance letter
    • withdrawal letter
    • rejection letter
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