1. What is a cell wall
    this is what keeps the cell together and all the organisms inside. It is made of cellulose only in plant cells. If it is field to much the vacuoles provent it from popping.
  2. what is a Nucleus
    This is the brain of the cell. It controls the life of the cell that contains the replication of the DNA. DNA tells the cell what protein needs to be produced. It is the brain of the cell because it has the important things. Nucleus is the largest organelle in a animal cell. Its 3 dimensional and has a double membrane. (DNA Dioxyribo Nucleic Acid) some cells only have one nuclei and some have lots of nuclei. Has Nucleoli has RNA ribo nucleic acid.
  3. What is a Mitochondria
    • This is the energy house witch has glucose in it witch transfers it into energy
    • This has ATP (adenine Tri Phosphate) Not present in a prokaryote cell. A cell with a lot of mitochondria is a muscle cells. It has an outer membrane. Need electron microscope.
  4. what are ribosomes
    this makes protein and keeps the body and bones strong. Ribosomes read the message from RNA as to witch Protein to make. Can only be seen thought electron microscope sometimes attaché to endoplasmic reticulum
  5. What is Golgi apparatus
    This helps the ribosomes by packaging the protein and moving it thought the body. Proper’s and packages protein it packages them to vesicles increases surface area.
  6. What are lysosomes
    this helps the stomach by braking down the food it has a chemical in it called enzymes. It brakes things that should be in there to get read of the bacteria. It is the garbage collector in animal cells there a lot of lysosomes.
  7. What is Endoplasmic Reticulum (rough or smooth)
    this is the highway as it transports all different things around the cell. If its rough ribosomes will be attached It is involved in producing processing, transport storage with in the cell. Always located near a nucleus.
  8. What are vacuoles
    this is used for storage it contains water and food this is when other storage places are full. Very large in plant cells it is like a water nearly takes up all the cell.
  9. what are Cilia and flagella
    it's the tail of the cell a sperm is an example of a flagella. Cilia are a tiny hair like structure to make more surface area. They are specialist structures so not every cell needs it
  10. what are chloroplasts
    It has a double membrane and is a chemical in the cell. Found in plant cells this is were photosynthesis takes place. It is green to get maximize sunlight in it. They have folds to maximize surface area.
  11. What are microtubules
    this is a conveyer inside the cells witch they use proteins to move things around the cell.
  12. What is cytoskeleton
    it's a framework and support of the cell Peroxisomes: It protects the cell they assist with the cells metabolism (Energy needs)
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