1. Growth Hormone

    Gland: Anterior Pituitary

    Target: All body cells

    Action: Growth, Metabolic Regulation
  2. Prolactin
    Gland: Anterior Pituitary

    Target: Female-mammary gland; Male- no known effect

    Action: Female- lactation
  3. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

    Gland: Anterior Pituitary

    Target: Thyroid Gland

    Action: Thyroid hormone production
  4. Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
    Gland: Anterior Pituitary

    Target: Adrenal cortes

    Action: Adrenocortical hormone production
  5. Follicle-stimulating hormone

    Gland: Anterior pituitary

    Target: Female-ovary (follicles); Male- testis (seminiferous tubules)

    Action: Female-Oogenesis; Male-Spermatogenesis
  6. Luteinizing Hormone

    Gland: Anterior Pituitary

    Target: Female- ovary (follicle/corpus luteum); Male-testies (interstitial cells)

    Action: Female- ovulation and corpus luteum production; Male- testosterone production
  7. Melanocyte-stimulating hormone

    Gland: Anterior Pituitary

    Target: Unknown (skin)

    Action: Unknown (color to skin?)
  8. Antidiuretic hormone

    Gland: Posterior Pituitary

    Target: Kidney

    Action: Water conservation
  9. Oxytocin
    Gland: Posterior pituitary

    Target: Female-uterus and mammary glands, Male- no known effect

    Action: Female- contractions at parturition (uterus) and milk letdown (mammary glands); Male- no known effect
  10. Thyroid hormone

    Gland: Thyroid

    Target: All body cells

    Action: Growth and metabolic regulation
  11. Calcitonin
    Gland: Thyroid

    Target: Bones

    Action: Prevents hypercalcemia
  12. Parathyroid hormone

    Gland: Parathyroid

    Target: Kidneys, intestines, bones

    Action: prevents HYPOcalcemia
  13. Glucocorticoid hormones
    Gland: Adrenal Cortex

    Target: Whole body

    Action: Increased blood glucose and blood pressure maintenance
  14. Mineralocorticoid hormones
    Gland: Adrenal cortex

    Target: Kidneys

    Action: Sodium and water retention; potassium elimination
  15. Sex hormones
    Gland: Adrenal cortex

    Target: whole body

    Action: minimal effects
  16. Epinephrine and Norepinephrine
    Gland: Adrenal medulla

    Target: whole body

    Action: part of flight-or-fight response
  17. Insulin
    Gland: pancreas

    Target: all body cells

    Action: movement of glucose into cells and its use for energy
  18. Glucagon
    Gland: pancreas

    Target: whole body

    Action: INCREASE blood glucose
  19. Androgens
    Gland: Testis

    Target: whole body

    Action: Anabolic effect; development of male secondary sex characteristics
  20. Estrogens
    Gland: Ovary

    Target: whole body

    Action: Preparation for breeding and pregnancy
  21. Progestins
    Gland: Ovary

    Target: Uterus

    Action: Preparation for a maintenance of pregnancy
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