H-Dev Mod 3

  1. consequences on baby when mother smokes
    • preterm 
    • low birth weight
    • fetal
    • neonatal death
    • respiratory problems 
    • SIDS
  2. transmission of which disease through breast-feeding
  3. consequences on baby when women eat little protein and calories while pregnant
    child is more likely to be malformed
  4. How emotional trauma in pregnant women affect baby
    • physiological changes may affect fetus
    • stress could effect fetus indirectly 
    • adolescence with internalized problems 
    • emotional or cognitive problems
    • (ADHD)attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
    • infant mortality possible
  5. Three Stages of Childbirth
    • First stagethe womb contracts and the baby moves into the birth canal
    • Second stagethe mother pushes with the contractions of the womb to help the baby through the birth canal and out
    • Third Stagethe placenta is expelled
  6. Breech Position
    feet first
  7. Apgar Scale-5 measures
    (assessing health of newborns at one and five minutes after birth)
    Evaluates Infants:

    • heart rate
    • respiratory effort
    • muscle tone
    • body color 
    • reflex irritability
  8. Premature =
    22-36 wks or less
  9. Preterm =
    36-37 wks
  10. 50
    ____ percent of all low birth weight children that are enrolled in special education programs
  11. Massage Therapy and Kangaroo
    two newer interventions in NICUs ______ therapy and ______ care
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