theatre history test 1

  1. angura
    JAPAN. post-modern, decontructionalist; nationalistic, anti-Western; refers to an earlier age
  2. Bread & Puppet theatre
    f. 1963 by Peter Shuman- uses enormous puppets- created a theatre of argument, politically charged and influential in the 60s and 70s. moved out of NY into small-town Vermont; still working today as a traditional left-wing, social justice theater
  3. Caffe Cino
    • f. by Joe Cino, 1958, 8x8 space in the back of his coffee shop 
    • promoted the careers of Sam Shephard, Bernadette Peters, Al Pacino, Lanford Wilson,etc.
    • increased exposure for early gay/queer theater
  4. Charabanc Theatre
    • main Irish theatre companies of the 1980s and early 1990s
    • foregrounded the experience of women in society
  5. Field Day Theater Company
    • founded by Brian Friel and Stephen Ray
    • considered themselves the 5th province of Ireland
    • housed in Derry (or possibly Londonderry)
  6. La Mama ETC
    • female experimental company
    • founded 1962 by Ellen Stewart
    • worked in fashion industry and suddenly decided to work in theater
  7. Living Theatre
    • founded 1947 before off-off-b'way
    • Julian Beck and Judith Malina
    • regarded theater as a medium for social change
  8. Mabou Mines
    • fused camp,mime,poetry and art/animation
    • wanted to be sensationalists
    • founded by Lee Breuer and Ruth Maleczech
  9. Manhattan Theater Club
    • founded in 1970 by Lyn Meadow
    • semi-experimental plays like Buried Child or True West
  10. National Theater UK
    founded by Lord Laurence Olivier and Kenneth Tynan
  11. National Theatre of the Deaf
    • founded 1967 by David Hayes
    • fluent in ASL
    • performers are all deaf
  12. Omaha Magic Theatre
    radical feminist theater
  13. Open Theater
    • off-shoot of the Living Theater in 1960
    • started by Joseph Chaikin and Peter Feldman
    • performed the The Serpant as an attempt to present an interpretation of the Bible
  14. Performance Group
    founded by Richard Schechner
  15. Royal Shakespeare Companys
    • 1960
    • notable directors are Peter Hall and Peter Brook
    • leading company for Willy Shakes and experimental theater in mid 60s
    • moved to Barbican Theater in 80s and then to Old Vic (and others)
  16. San Francisco Mime Troup
    • Wooster Group
    • Post-modernist
    • post-structuralist
    • members included Willem Dafoe and Spalding Gray
  17. shingeki
    • Japan
    • literal translation:modern drama
    • socialist-realism and Stalin-esque quality where the function of any artistic effort is to support the state
    • v political, left-wing
    • advance a political agenda
  18. People's Art Theater
    • division of shingeki
    • mostly communist
  19. Actor's Theater
    division of shingeki
  20. Literary Theater
    • division of shingeki
    • aesthetic movement where art is art and apolitical
  21. Steppenwolf
    • founded 1974 by Gary Sinise and John Malkovich
    • early 80s BWay transfer of productions like True West
    • notable regional theater
  22. Theater of the Oppressed
    • developed by Augusto Boal
    • involved creating a spect-actor out of audience members
  23. Tsukiji Little Theater
    • founded in 1924 by Osanai Kauro 
    • inspired by Tsubochi Shoyo
    • run by Osanai and Hijikata
    • produced The Hermit in 1926
    • collapsed in 1929
  24. A Chorus Line
    • 6137 performances
    • wildly successful
  25. The Deputy
    • by Roth Hochhutch
    • critique from within Germany about Catholic Church and Pope Pius XII not doing enough to prevent Holocaust
  26. [A Day in the Death of] Joe Egg
    • 1960s play by Peter Nichols
    • initially forbidden by Lord Chamberlain
    • about a girl with cerebal palsy which Nichol's daughter also had
  27. Dionysus in 69
    • based on Bacchae
    • mostly improvised
    • still more mainstream than avant garde
  28. The Fantasticks
    • longest running play in American theater history
    • ran from 1960-2002
  29. Hair
    • one of the 1st BWay musicals to use nudity onstage
    • represented counter culture of 1960s
    • 1st real success of Public Theatre
  30. Abe Kobo
    • japanese absurdist playwright
    • The Man Who Turned into a Stick
  31. Edward Albee
    • major 20th century American Playwright
    • Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf
    • won Pulitzer twice
  32. Fernando Arrabal
    • born in Morocco, wrote in France
    • 1952: Picnic on the Battlefield (before Godot)
    • Theatra Panique
    • (mythological Pan, incorporated S&M and incest and shit)
  33. Imamu Imiri Baraka (born LeRoi Jones)
    • "angry black man"
    • wrote Slaveship and Dutchman
    • major figure in theater education
    • made August Wilson look tamer
  34. Engenio Barba
    • American successor of Grotowski
    • playwright/autho whose work was movement oriented
    • integrated theater and anthropology
    • The Paper Canoe
  35. Brendan Behan
    • Irish
    • insurgent playwright/author
    • raging alcoholic
    • arrested as a teen for smuggling arms for the IRA
    • The Quare Fellow
    • The Hostage
  36. Augusto Boal
    • Brazilian theorist and theater practitioner
    • Theater of the Oppresed
    • spect-actor
    • forum style and guerilla theater
  37. Anne Bogart
    • CitiCompany
    • viewpointing
  38. Peter Brook
    • one of the original directors of the RSC
    • wrote book the Empty Space
    • 4 types of theater (deadly/commercial,Growtosky, rough, immediate)
    • compant had many international actors
  39. Marina Carr
    femal Irish playwright
  40. Caryl Churchill
    English feminist playwright
  41. Joe Cino
    created Caffe Cino
  42. Anatoly Efros
    • 20th century Russian director
    • trained in Stanislavski but more experimental
    • focused on rhythym
  43. Dario Fo
    • Italian playwright/director
    • The Accidental Death of an Arsonist
  44. Richard Foreman
    • writer,director,designer and auteur
    • presented one-man shows
    • member of Ontological Hysteric Theater
  45. Bob Fosse
    • most distinctive BWay choreographer of the 20th century
    • very kinesthestic movement
    • Chicago, Cabaret, Sweet Charity, Pal Joey and Pippin
  46. Andre Gregory
    • American playwright and Grotowski disciple
    • similar to Joseph Chaikin
    • known for production of Alice and Wonderland
  47. Jerzy Grotowski
    • est Polish Theater Lab in 1959
    • became Institute for Research in Acting
    • focused on creating theater of self-confrontation
    • immense training immerses actor to strip away any attribute that prevents them from being great
  48. Tyron Guthrie
    • English actor,director and playwright
    • Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis
    • Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario
  49. Peter Hall
    • one of the original founders of the RSC
    • director of National Theater UK
    • known for specific interpretations of classic plays
  50. Peter Handke
    • german playwright,novelist,poet
    • ardent defender of Palestinian rights
    • lowkey anti-semetic
    • Offending the Audience (best known show)
    • Kaspar
    • The Ride Across Lake Constance
  51. Lorraine Hansberry
    • Raisin in the Sun in 1959
    • To be Young, Gifted and Black (autobiography)
  52. Hijikata Yoshi
    • non-realistic director of Tsukitji
    • son of a nobleman
    • became political voice of the theatre
    • The Sea Battle (anti-nationalist)
    • his part of Tsukitji does much better than Osanai
  53. Arthur Kopit
    • American playwright
    • Pulitzer finalist twice
    • Nine
    • Indians
    • Wings
    • Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin So Sad
  54. Vaclav Havel
    • Czchechoslovakia
    • career was brought on by Cuban Missile Crisis
    • The Garden Party (play)
    • Velvet Revolution
    • Velvet Divorce (creates Slovakia and Czech Repub.)
  55. Yuri Lyubimov
    • Meyerhold disciple
    • Yakhtangu theater
    • wanted to revive theater w poetry and dance
    • rebelled using forbidden elements
    • only tourists and government officials saw his work
  56. David Mamet
    • major American playwright
    • American Buffalo
    • Oleanna
    • Glengarry Glenross (won Pulitzer)
    • created new standard of acting w book (Black and White)
  57. Mishima Yukio
    • self-styled samurai of 50s
    • primarily adapted Noh classics into modern plays
  58. Ariane Mnouchkine
    • French
    • integrated dance into classics (Orestia and Iphegenia, tetra-logy)
    • long rehearsal process
  59. Slawomir Mrozek
    • most important midcentury Polish playwright
    • cartoonist turned absurdist
    • works say power fills the void of removed ethical sensibilities
  60. Osanai Kauru
    • inspired by Tsubouchi Shoyo-
    • realist director at Tsukitji
    • admired Checkov and Moscow Art Theater
    • more artistic than political
    • still did political plays bc they were cheaper for audiences
  61. Joe Orton
    • 1960s English playwright
    • What the Butler Saw
    • openly gay onstage and in life
    • bludgeoned to death by lover
  62. Franca Rame
    • Italian actress and sorta playwright
    • married to Dario Fo
    • used comedia and improv
    • (works were still scripted)
  63. Lloyd Richards
    • African American
    • directed original Raisin in the Sun
    • directs a lot of August Wilson
  64. Richard Schechner
    • editor of Tulane Drama Review
    • moved to NYU and created Drama Review
    • started Performance Group
    • best known as theorist
    • directed Dionysus in 69
  65. Neil Simon
    • most important playwright from 1960-90 in US
    • had 4 plays on BWay at once in 66-67
    • dominated mid-century theater
    • super popular comedies until 80s when Brighton Beach trilogy gets more serious
  66. Stephen Sondheim
    prolific writer of musical theater for over 30 years
  67. Viola Spolin
    • started in the WPA (in Roosevelt's admin)
    • worked w inner city Chicago kids
    • developed improv for theater
    • used storytelling and games as physical experience that needed audience participation
    • son founded Second City
  68. Peter Stein
    • mid 20th century director from Berlin
    • did many classics like Orestaia and Three Sisters
    • leftist
    • productions were a function of his political attitude
  69. Tom Stoppard
    • Czech born English playwright
    • translated Vaclev Havel
    • wrote R&G are Dead
    • The Real Thing
    • Arcadia
    • won Oscar for Shakespeare in Love
  70. Suzuki Tadashi
    • worked w Anne Bogart
    • director and theorist
    • emphasized connection to the earth
    • re-imagines classics as Japanese
  71. Josef Svoboda
    • Czech designer/director
    • instrumental in integrating film and live action
    • popularized it
    • wanted "kinetic stage where movement becomes law"
  72. Julie Taymor
    • director and designer of The Lion Kind
    • became symbol for integration of mediums
    • studied many Eastern countries and developed an original style out of those influences
  73. Megan Terry
    • American, leftist, feminist playwright
    • playwright in residence at Omaha Magic Theater
  74. Giorgi Tovstonogov
    • Russian director
    • Stanslaski disciple
    • had some political clout
  75. Anatoly Vasilyev
    • 20th century Russian director
    • long rehearsal processes
    • Six Characters in Search of an Author
  76. Douglas Turner Ward
    • African American theater practicioner
    • Day of Absence (black people disappear from society, played by black actors in white face)
    • founded Negro Ensemble
    • black people got mad when he won a grant bc they thought he had sold out
  77. Peter Weiss
    • German
    • Schiller Theater of West Berin
    • notable prodution Marat/Sade
    • documentary theater (similar to Epic but more real)
    • fore-runner of flash mob concept
  78. August Wilson
    • important African American Playwright
    • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
    • the Piano Lesson
    • the Pittsburgh Cycle (won 2 Pulitzers)
  79. Robert Wilson
    • auteur of theater
    • believed in slow pace to move in accordance w rhythm of nature
    • dynamic and repetitive work
    • post-modern
    • divided audience's attention w various dif stimuli
  80. George C. Wolfe
    • playwright and director
    • Jelly's Last Jam 
    • Angels in America
    • took over S'peare Festival from Joseph Papp
  81. Karol Wojtyla
    • Polish
    • better known as Pope John Paul II
    • came from background of mediocre practioner/priest
    • Prague Spring 1968 uprising
    • helped end communist rule in Poland
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