BIMM 120 CH 4

  1. Essential nutrients
    those that must be supplied from the environment
  2. growth factors
    specific nutrients found in growth medium
  3. Rickettsia
    only found in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells
  4. autotrophs
    fix C02 and assemble it into organic molecules
  5. heterotrophs
    use preformed organic molecules from autotrophs
  6. chemoautotrophs are also known as
  7. chemoheterotrophs are also known as
  8. What do nitrogen fixers do?
    Convert N2 to NH4+
  9. What do nitrifiers do?
    oxidize ammonia to nitrate
  10. dentrifiers do what?
    convert nitrate to N2
  11. What are the two types of coupled transport systems?
    symport and antiport
  12. symport
    two molecules travel in the same direction
  13. antiport
    two molecules travel in opposite directions
  14. ABC transporters
    found in all three domains of life and use ATP
  15. group translocation
    type of active transport that uses energy to chemically alter the substrate during its transport
  16. phototransferase system
    uses energy from PEP to attach phosphate to sugars so the sugars cannot leak back out of the cell and is metabolized
  17. direct counting
    • using a special slide with a microscope
    • can't tell if cell is living or dead
  18. FACS
    • cells are stained
    • separation by charge
  19. Steps of biofilm formation
    • attachment
    • microcolonies
    • exopolysaccharide production
    • mature biofilm
    • dissolution and dispersal
  20. Two main types of ABC transporters
    uptake and efflux
  21. What kind of growth rate is observed in bacterial cultures?
  22. chemostat apparatus
    maintains logarithmic growth by removing and adding equal amounts of culture media
  23. endospores of?
  24. heterocysts of?
  25. fruiting bodies of?
    Myxococcus xanthus
  26. aerial hyphae of?
  27. Myxococcus xanthus uses ___ to form fruiting bodies.
    gliding motility
  28. As nutrients decline, aerial hyphae divide into?
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