Dimensions Exam 1

  1. quantity of a commodity or service wanted at a specific price and time
  2. What is the projected demand verse supply or RNs
    • demand: 40% increase
    • Supply: 6% increase
  3. the quantity of goods or services that are ready for use or purchase
  4. Name some causes of an increase in demand for nurses
    • medical advances
    • growing elderly population
    • baby boomers
    • increased emphasis of health care prevention
  5. Where is the nursing shortage the worst? Where is it the greatest concentration
    • Worst: west/southwest
    • Most: New England area
  6. What is the turnover rate in long-term care facilities
  7. What causes this shortage and large turn-over rate
    • Aging work force
    • Increased jobs outpatient
    • downsizing/restructuring
    • workplace dissatisfaction
    • women move to other fields
    • low ceilings on wages
  8. What is brain drain
    loss of experienced nurses
  9. What percent of nurses in 2006 said they plan to retire in 2011-2020
  10. What are the problems with qualified students not getting accepted into nursing schools
    • schools closing
    • high cost
    • inadequate faculty
  11. Why is there not enough faculty for nursing schools
    • They make more in practice
    • Not enough PhD/masters to teach
  12. How can we fix nursing schools closure/inadequate faculty
    • government funding
    • hospitals lending APNs
    • Private foundations
    • Not requiring more tuition than other majors
  13. What is the untapped pool
    retired, unemployed, or part-time nurses
  14. Why do nurses leave nursing
    • retirement
    • family
    • stress
    • physical demands
    • scheduling
    • paperwork
  15. What leads to workplace dissatisfaction
    • shift work
    • low autonomy
    • stress
    • burnout
    • management/leadership style
    • work schedule
  16. Average pay for new RN? 20 yrs experience?
    • New: 21.60
    • 20 yrs: 30.60
  17. What is self-service approach to patient care
    asking families to assist with taking care of family member with basic nursing duties (position, feeding, bathroom, etc.)
  18. RN with grad ed in nsg who is an expert clinician in a specialized area of practice. Practices in wide variety of settings to give direct pt care, influence care, give EXPERT consultations
    Clinical nurse specialist
  19. RN who is prepared through adv graduate ed and clinical training to provide a wide range of health care services including dx/management of common and complex med conditions to people of all ages
  20. Primary care for women across the lifespan with emphasis in pregnancy, childbirth, GYN, and reproductive health and neonates in the 1st 28 days of life, provide care and write prescriptions
    Certified nurse midwife
  21. When and where was 1st doctorate of nursing awarded
    columbia, 1920
  22. Why is nursing not keeping pace with other discipline in production of doctoral graduates
    • Little increase in salary
    • cost of education
    • length of time complete
  23. Reasons for change from MSN to DNP
    Education in leadership, health policy, practice mgt, IT, process and outcome evaluation, quality improvement
  24. Concerns about DNP
    • will they get tenure
    • how much research should they do
  25. Difference between CNL & CNS
    • CNL: general
    • CNS: specializes
  26. What are most graduate schools accredited by
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