Ops study Sheet #7

  1. When must a diagram be completed for crash reports?
    • injury
    • death
    • 1 vehicle towed
    • DUI
    • commercial vehicle
    • city property damage
    • city vehicle
    • any dispute over fault
  2. Who handles crashes in zone 2, 3, 4, I-10
  3. true/false
    A DUI that would found after a crash requires a separate CCR#
  4. If a vehilce catches fire on the roadway a ___report will be written
    traffic crash....even if not crash occurred.
  5. If a train hit a pedestrian or cyclist then ___  report is completed.
    general offense
  6. If a train hits a vehicle a ____ report will be completed.
  7. true/false
    If the need arises a civilian can be used to direct traffic.
    false....civilian/non-sworn can never be used to direct traffic.
  8. How many traffic citation books will be issued to officers?
    officers 2 books (traffic officers 10 books)
  9. How long must citations be kept?
    180 days after last citation is written
  10. Who can void a citation?
    watch commander
  11. Who can dismiss a citation after issued?
    patrol chief
  12. Who can void a citation if already logged with Clerk of Court?
    Chief Judge
  13. Who is in charge of a surveillance?
    if 3 or more officers (sgt will be).  If 3 or less will have a lead officer
  14. How many officer will be involved in a buy bust operations with Narcotics?
    minimum 2 marked units with 3 officers each
  15. How many back up officers for female decoy operations?
    minimum 2 officers
  16. What are the trafficking amounts of drugs?
    1 oz coke, 4 gms heroin, 25 lb weeds, 10 gms of MDMA pills
  17. Can reserve/non-sworn be a decoy in non-narcotics related operations?
  18. When must a supervisor call a narcotics detective?
    • arrests for trafficking amounts of drugs
    • seizure of $5000 or more
    • arrest with cooperative informants
  19. What must a street supervisor do when seizing money or trafficking amount of drugs?
    ensure bag is sealed and initialed with evidence tape.
  20. How many working days will pass before a detective will follow up contact the witness in homicide cases?
    7 to 10 days
  21. How often will officers be retrained in interview room procedures?
    once every 3 years
  22. Who must approve the video taping of photospreads?
  23. How long can a juvenile be placed in secure custody?
    cannot exceed 6 hours
  24. For sex crime investigations if the victim is under 12 what must you do?
    get the details from an adult (not the suspect)
  25. true/false
    An officer must take a statement from a sexual battery victim prior to interview.
    false.....never take a statement from a sexual assault victim.
  26. If with in ____ of a sexual battery, ask the victim not to shower or bathe.
    3 days
  27. With in ____ of penetration, victim should be taken to SARC
    72 hours
  28. If with in ____ of drug facilitated sexual battery ask for a urine test.
    12 hours
  29. true/false
    If suspect is in custody and the victim is uninjured you take the victim to SARC prior to an interview with sex crimes detective.
    false.   Go get the interview first
  30. If victim is taken to CPT or SARC does the officer stay with the victim of sexual battery?
    • juvenile officer stays
    • adult officer can leave
  31. The _____ states a law enforcement officer who investigates an alleged sexual battery shall, prior to submitting a final report, permit the victim to review the final report and provide a statement as to the accuracy of the final report.
    “Walk in Their Shoes Act”
  32. true/false
    If the intent is to defraud when a check write stops payment make the case civil in nature.
    false.....criminal case
  33. If a vehicle is obtained with worthless documents what is the charge?
    • #1= grand theft
    • #2= fraud or forgery
  34. Check writer stopping payment for poor service is _____ offense
  35. Who will be contacted if a vehicle was obtained with worthless document should be entered into NCIC?
    Auto theft detectives
  36. Persons prohibited from carrying a concealed firearm
    • illegal aliens
    • legal aliens but without permanent status
    • dishonorable discharged from military
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Ops study Sheet #7
Ops study Sheet #7