Ops Study Sheet #6

  1. If a railroad crash involves a vehicle or ATV who will be notified?
    Traffic Homicide
  2. Who assumes responsibility over the inner perimeter of a railroad crash?
  3. On private property what report is required for railway crashes?
    General Offense report
  4. true/false
    Unless the engineer is impaired train vs train crashes are not investigated by JSO.
  5. Who is responsible for PMB security under normal conditions?
    Chief of support services
  6. What is the 5 point discrimination process for an active shooter?
    whole person, hands, waistline, immediate area, demeanor
  7. What is the ideal number of officers for a contact team?
    no less that 4.  (5 if one is a supervisor)
  8. true/false
    If needed officers can deploy in single/pairs if the threat is needed.
  9. If out of service for ____  for a deployment, advanced approval is required from teh watch commander and completion of a ______
    1 hour or more......directed patrol worksheet
  10. During a sobriety check point when is a driver's license checked
    Only when the drive cannot produce a license
  11. Who authorized a stakeout?
    Assistant chief or higher.  If after hours a watch commander can authorize.
  12. If stopping a vehicle while in an unmarked vehicle what must it be equipped with?
    • emergency lights & siren
    • Officer must be in uniform
  13. How often will a radar be serviced and calibrated?
    Every 6 months
  14. Who keeps all radar service records?
    FTO Sergeant (90 days after the life of the unit)
  15. How often must officers on motors re-qualify?
  16. If pass the motor course but not selected with in _____ the applicant must retake the class.
    2 years
  17. Where should your patrol vehicle by parked on a traffic stop?
    15-20 feet back slightly to the left wheels turned to the left.
  18. If the impaired driver is a juvenile does the officer have to wait for  the breathe test results?
    yes must wait.
  19. For juvenile is under 21 years of age what is the BAL for notice of suspension packet?
  20. Who issues the DUI citation and 10 days temporary permit?
    breath test operator
  21. True or false
    Certified EMT can draw blood for a DUI blood draw?
    false-they should not draw blood
  22. What is the suspension for 2nd refusal to submit BAC test if suspect has a previous suspension?
    18 months
  23. Which citation require a signature?
    tickets which require a mandatory court appearance
  24. When can an officer arrest a driver for refusing to sign a citaiton?
    after a supervisor arrives for mandatory court appearance tickets.
  25. Driver in a crash has how long to produce proof of insurance?
    24 hours.
  26. true/false
    More than one minor violation can be included on a warning citation
  27. Embassy card with full immunity
    blue, green, red cards
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Ops Study Sheet #6
Ops Study Sheet #6