Ops Study Sheet #5

  1. How long can you stop and investigate a vehicle for HAZMAT issues?
    72 hours
  2. If kidnapping and victim is still missing at the time of the report and two other crimes were committed who many general reports must be written?
    two reports (kidnapping by its self)  If less that two crimes one report.
  3. If under 17 years old or under and the victim is recovered who investigates?
    sex crimes
  4. If 18 years and older and the kidnapping victim is recovered who investigates?
  5. Who is responsible for notifying the FBI of any kidnapping of a child of tender age (usually 13 years and under)?
    detective division supervisor
  6. If victim is still missing at the time of kidnapping report who investigates?
  7. Who interviews interference with custody suspects?
    Missing persons
  8. How much time must pass prior to entering Unauthorized temporary use of a vehicle into NCIC?
    14 days (post date an SAO card)
  9. If after reporting Unauthorized temporary uses where there was not enough suspect details for a warrant what do you do?
    after 14 days but no later that 21 days contact the victims to see if additional suspect detail is found
  10. who writes the report for returned unauthorized use vehicles with in the 14 days
  11. Who contacts parent after leaving a juvenile at New Beginings?
    Officer or facility if Juvenile signs a release form
  12. true/false
    All patrol sergeants and crime scene detectives will carry police barricade signs.
  13. 1st supervisor on a scene will do what?
    establish a command post, notify communications center of locations, and request a tact channel
  14. If an alligator is over 5 feet in length what should an officer do?
    no take any action
  15. When will animal control pick up animal from minor bite situations?
    the next morning after the investigation
  16. FWC will only respond to ____ involving snakes?
  17. What incidents are operators required to report to FWC?
    • $2,000 or more in damage  
    • Injury, death, or disappearance of any person
  18. When is a report required for animals hit by cars?
    damage to the vehicle, animal badly hurt
  19. If a barking dogs owner can not be located what must be done?
    give complainant an SAO card or refer to on line reporting
  20. true/false
    JSO personell will complete a FL Boating Accident Report on all boating crashes.
    false, never complete a crash report
  21. Who can declare a labor dispute illegal?
    only a court not JSO
  22. Who declares an assembly unlawful?
    Patrol Watch Commander
  23. When can a chemical or specialty weapon be deployed on a suspect?
    only during active physical resistance
  24. Who will conduct all civilian aircraft crashes
    NTSB (JSO will conduct joint investigation)
  25. How wide is the outer perimeter of an airplane crash?
    must include all wreckage
  26. Who arranges for the security of all wreckage left for a long period at scene?
  27. What is the crime for a pilot to operate an aircraft while intoxicated?
    Felony 3
  28. How big will a perimeter be for aircraft crashes with live ordance?
    At least 2000 feet
  29. Who investigated a JSO aircraft crash if no injuries only JSO owned property damages?
    we investigate it ourself
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Ops Study Sheet #5
Ops Study Sheet #5