midterm 2 cont

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  1. formula for cardiac output
    Co=heart rateX Stroke volume
  2. What causes the P wave
    atria begins depolarizing (contracts/systole)
  3. 1) what causes the QRS wave
    2) What valves close?
    • 1) Atria repolarizes (relax),
    • ventricles depolarization(contraction)
    • -isovolumentric contraction of ventricles.
    • 2) AV valves close
  4. what causes the t wave, and which valves are closed
    • repolarization of the ventricles (relax).
    • -Isovolumetric relaxation of ventrices
    • semilunar valves are closed.
  5. What cause the heart beats heard?
    • sound 1 (S1) closure of AV valves
    • sound 2 (S2) closure of semilunar valves
  6. What is the Quiescent period of the cardiac cycle?
    • -all chambers relax,
    • -AV valves open and blood flows into ventricles. .
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