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  1. Not taking one side or another during a fight or war
  2. Land between the trenches
    No Man's Land
  3. An agreement with a government to pay for something like a war, which is then repaid later
    a bond.
  4. An agreement to stop fighting
  5. Men chosen to serve in the military by the Selective Service Act
  6. A type of politics that believes it is possible for to live according to a set of ideas
  7. Deep trenches in the ground for protection
    Soldiers dug them to prevent them being shot. They would dig miles and miles of trenches.
  8. A new kind of German submarine
  9. Serbian rebel killed this person and started World War 1
    Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary
  10. President during World War 1 and also had the idea for League of Nations
    President Wilson
  11. Germany's foreign secretary who sent a secret telegram to Mexico
    Zimmerman Telegram
  12. Governor of Tennessee during the woman's suffrage moments
    Albert Roberts
  13. A Tennessee suffragist who traveled across the state campaigning for Governor Roberts
    Anne D. Dudley
  14. The youngest member of the White House of Representatives who received a letter from his mother encouraging him to vote for woman's suffrage
    Harry T. Burn
  15. Was put in charge of a new government agency called the Food Administration
    Herbert Hoover
  16. Explain the causes of World War 1?
    • 1. Assassination of Archduke F.F.
    • 2. Military Alliances
    • 3. Nationalism
  17. During the first three years of war, which side did America take? Who did America support with supplies?
    In the first three years of the war America did not want to join the war. And the country they supported was Great Britain.
  18. Which country was contacted by the Zimmerman and what did Germany offer them if they would fight against the United States?
    The Zimmerman Telegram was sent to Mexico but was intercepted by the British it was intended to make a deal to attack the U.S. if they entered the war.
  19. Summarize the reasons for the U.S. to finally join the Allied Powers in the war?
    The U.S. had suffered attacks by German U-boats and they needed to protect their independence.
  20. What did American industries do to support the war effort?
    Industries had to manufacture supplies for the war such as guns, ammunition, trucks,planes, tanks, and uniforms.
  21. List three ways Americans on the home front sacrificed to support the war effort.
    Americans had Meatless Mondays, Wheatless Wednesday, and Porkless Saturdays. People grew victory gardens so they wouldn't have to buy food and that food went to the soldiers. Thousands of women went to work in the many war goods factories.
  22. How did women help during the war?
    Many women worked as housekeepers or made thread and fabric in the textile mills across the state.
  23. President Wilson said, "Its is high time that our debt (to women) should b acknowledged and paid." To what "debt" was Wilson referring? How did he think America should repay women?
    President Wilson meant debt as in money. And he relayed women with the right to vote
  24. List all the Allied Powers and Central Powers.  You will have to locate each country on a map on the test.
    • Allies:
    • Great Britain, France, Belgium, Russia, Italy, and Serbia
    • Central Powers:
    • Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Ottoman Empire
  25. Explain President Wilson's idea for a league of Nations and why the United States never joined the organization.
    President Wilson wanted to ensure a world war would never happen again. His idea was for an organization called The League of Nations to keep peace in the world. The U.S. senate argued that the U.S. would lose power and independence if it joined the league of nations and did not approve the bill. The U.S signed a treaty with Germany in 1921, but was not part of the Treaty of Versailles.
  26. What was the Treaty of Versailles and who did aim to punish?
    They punished Germany.
  27. Explain Tennessee's role as the "Perfect 36"
    Tennessee became the 36th state to pass 19th Admendment
  28. There will be a writing prompt or advertisement. You will be asked to summarize the reasons America entered World War 1
    • 1. sinking of the Lusitania (1915)
    • 2. Zimmerman Telegram
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