BIMM 120 CH 1

  1. What is the avg size of a microbe?
  2. Where are microbes found?
  3. What is an example of a supersize microbe?
    T. namibiensis
  4. What are the three domains?
    bacteria, archaea, and eukarya
  5. Which two domains are prokaryotic?
    Bacteria and archaea
  6. What is a metagenome?
    collection of DNA sequences within an environment
  7. How many DNA base pairs are in bacterial chromosome?
    2 million
  8. How many base pairs per gene?
  9. What is an example of a biofilm?
    bacteria on teeth
  10. Are viruses living or non-living?
  11. T/F - Archaea are known to cause disease
  12. What are "rock-eating" bacteria?
  13. Robert Hooke
    • - first compound light microscope
    • - coined the term "cell"
  14. Leeuwenhoek
    - first to observe single-celled microbes
  15. Pasteur
    • - microbial basis of fermentation
    • - swan-neck flask
  16. what is a bacterial colony?
    clone of cells derived from same parent cell
  17. Koch's Postulates
    • 1. microbe is always present in diseased host and absent┬áin healthy individuals
    • 2. microbe can be grown in pure culture and characterized
    • 3. introduction of microbe into healthy host causes the original disease
    • 4. same microbe is re-isolated from new host
  18. antiseptic vs. antibiotic
    antiseptic prevents bacterial growth whereas antibiotic kills and stops bacterial growth
  19. aseptic
    completely pathogen free
  20. What is the first commercial antibiotic and who discovered it?
    penicillin; Fleming
  21. How was virus discovered?
    Tobacco Mosaic disease
  22. Winogradsky
    • discovered litotrophs using enrichment cultures
    • developed Winogradsky column
  23. What do nitrogen fixers do?
    Fix nitrogen to ammonium
  24. Endosymbionts
    microbes living symbiotically inside larger organism
  25. What do rhizobia do?
    induce the roots of legumes to form special nodules to facilitate bacterial nitrogen fixation
  26. What were two early challenges in classifying microbes?
    • light microscopes too low resolution
    • microbial species are hard to define
  27. What is the ancestor of chloroplasts?
  28. What is the ancestor of mitochondria?
  29. Woese
    discovered archaea growing in hot springs that produced methane
  30. What two instruments impacted cell structure?
    • electron microscope
    • ultracentrifuge
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