Ops study sheet #5

  1. Stop and Frisk allows officers to "pat down" subject when ____ exists that they may be armed
    reasonable suspicion
  2. With in ___ a suspicious subject must be transported back to the location of the encounter if not able to prove they falsely identified themselves
    3 hours.
  3. What is the minimum perimeter recommended for an outside homicide scene.
    100 foot
  4. What is the minimum perimeter for a bomb threat?
    1000 feet uphill, upwind
  5. Who has the authority to determine search/evacuation at city facilities?
  6. Who is responsible to search for secondary devices?
    Sector Supervisor
  7. t/f
    Units on perimeter positions shall have radios off and not transmitting?
    False.   radio on but no transmitting.
  8. Who is responsible for follow up investigation when explosive materials found/suspect 94 or explosion occurs.
    Intelligence Unit
  9. How big is the perimeter of an exposed device?
    at least 50 percent wider that debris field
  10. T/F
    Explosive K9 will be used to verify located devices are bombs
    false.....only for searches
  11. If no explosive material is found who takes the item to the property room?
    Crime Scene Detective
  12. Who transports suspected WMD with no WMD material located?
    patrol officers (if no processing is needed)
  13. Who is responsible for getting an arrest or search warrant for a barricaded suspect
  14. Who has the final authority for length of negotiations, use of force, etc
    Division Chief
  15. What is ICER?
    Isolate, Contain, Evaluate/Access, report
  16. What is the supervisors responsibility at a barricaded subject call?
    maintain inner perimeter, establish outer perimeter, request LT, set up command post, evacuations, media area, get 99/baker act, 2 form to SWAT
  17. Sergeant request detective via ___ if business robbery has video?
    via MDC is able.
  18. Who is the only person who can be ejected from a home by police officers?
    temporary guest
  19. ALL the following must be met for a person to be a temporary guest
    • a transient
    • been asked to leave
    • refunded any unused rent
    • still refuses to leave
  20. Indications Not a temporary guest
    • guests only residence
    • guests receives mail
    • guests DL shows address
  21. What are the requirement for Domestic/Dating violence?
    • with in 6 months dating must have existed
    • 2 more violent incidents
  22. If victim is under 16 and a lewd act is committed in their presence it is _____
    sexual violence
  23. How long is a temporary injunction good for?
    15 days
  24. What age should children be interviewed for cases of domestic violence?
    4 and older
  25. With in ____ officer must attempt to contact suspect in domestic violence cases?
    with in 36 hours
  26. After ___ but before ____ hours a warrant must be completed for outstanding domestic violence suspects
    36 but before 96 hours.
  27. What is required for an officer to contact a domestic violence victim in a address confidentiality program?
    subpoena or court order
  28. Who runs the address confidentiality program?
    Officer of Attorney general
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Ops study sheet #5
Ops study sheet #5